In the House: Why You’re Better off Working with a Mobile Marketing Agency than Hiring an In-House Team

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It’s already been established that any company should not only have a mobile presence, but should also be driven by a mobile-first approach. After comprehending this notion, comes the time to execute, and an important question arises: should I build an in-house team or outsource?

A mobile-first strategy calls for a number of operations: mobile user acquisition, product, creative, and ASO (App Store Optimization). The following post will discuss the benefits of working with a mobile marketing agency that provides these services, rather than hiring employees to do the work in-house.

Powerful Media Purchasing

Achieving optimal campaign results through a trial and error of media buying can be a tedious process that consumes both time and money. Turning to an agency to do the media buying for you is beneficial for two major reasons – purchasing power and experience.

Agencies have media buying teams that are focused solely on that task. Media buying for dozens of clients every single day gives agencies a strong purchasing power in front of the big ad networks, more than any company out there doing media buying for a single product will ever have. This simply means cheaper costs for you – i.e., more bang for your buck.

A media buying team has already gained experience with numerous ad networks, saving a lot of time for campaigns to follow. With each campaign the team learns which networks work best for different kinds of ads. This type of priceless experience would take an in-house team a very long time to match, and it would consume way too much money as well.

Product Pros

We all know that feeling when you’ve been staring at something for too long and have completely run out of ideas. In that case, brainstorming with other people who are able to provide objective input is a great way to come up with fresh ideas. Working with a mobile marketing agency is similar in that sense.

An in-house team has been working on the same product for so long that it might be stuck in a single mindset, overlooking vital flaws and problems. “Handing over” your product to an external team while avoiding inside politics can provide the necessary input for refining the product, getting rid of unnecessary features and adding ones that can improve it.

Product teams at agencies are also comprised of a few employees. Each and every employee has a different background, and all together can provide well-rounded suggestions. For example, if a bank is working on a banking app, it may hire a product professional with a background in finance or business. But what that bank may not know is that its app marketing efforts could benefit from a few gamification elements to make it more engaging. An agency provides a wide range of expertise that can help you conquer not only your predetermined goals, but also ones you’ve never even thought of.

Thinking Outside The Box

The key to thinking outside the box is visiting different boxes. Much like a product team could use thinking outside the box and receiving objective input, so could a creative team. An in-house team may be so influenced by the company’s messaging that it might not be able to detach from it and move forward with a message that actually works.

An experienced creative team that works from an app marketing standpoint is capable of not only thinking outside the box, but also ensuring that the message they come up with is effective. An external team would also usually be comprised of not only creative minds, but ones experienced with mobile devices in order to best utilize both hardware and software to come up with creative ideas.

A to the S to the O

The app store optimization field is very much still in diapers, and therefore, finding a qualified ASO pro is incredibly hard. ASO is detrimental to the success of any app, with 60% of App Store visitors ultimately downloading apps following App Store searches. If your app is not up there on the list, no matter how great your product is, it will go unnoticed.

Since finding someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to ASO is extremely challenging, turning to an agency may simply do the trick. While we strongly recommend that you regularly optimize your keyword research, a full time in-house position may be a stretch.

Overall Synergy

The ultimate benefit of working with an agency, is that all of these highly experienced and capable teams mentioned above are working together in the same vicinity. Everybody feeds off of one another, is aware of the other’s plans, and is able to assist in problem solving, making for a smoother and faster work process.



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