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Top-to-bottom app store discoverability optimization process and A/B testing for organic install rate growth.
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57% Rise in Conversion Rates in a Highly Competitive Category



Bingo Blitz is a multiplayer bingo and slots app by Playtika, monetized through in-app purchases. Our mission was to increase visibility, conversion rates, organic download rates and cumulative traffic scores in the US Apple app store.
In such a competitive and aggressive category (bingo and slot games), we had to take an analytical but creative approach to engage potential app users and shine above competing apps.


To increase discoverability and keyword rankings, we conducted vigorous in-depth research with hundreds of potential keywords, carefully selecting the ones most likely to attract relevant and interested users.
In order to increase conversion rates on the app page, we ran numerous A/B tests, comparing the impact of different visual components (screenshots) on user engagement. We created customized creative sets using the app brand and characters, then compared their performance over a period of time to determine which performed best.
We measured not only conversion rates, but also exploration rates and instant drop rates to better understand user behavior and adjust for maximal impact
delivery and results

Delivery and results

More Organic Traffic – Bingo Blitz experienced a 41% increase in cumulative traffic for targeted phrases.
Higher Visibility - An increase of 72% in the number of keywords with Bingo Blitz listed in top results.
More Organic Users - 43% increase in Daily Average Organic downloads. Happier Users - The number of users awarding Bingo Blitz with a 5 star rating in the app store grew by 57%.


What they say?

“In just 3 months, Moburst delivered results exceeding our expectations. The creative design and methodical approach employed by Moburst ensured a long lasting positive impact on our app’s popularity.”
Haim Tutelman, Head of Acquisition

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