What is ASO or App Store Optimization? ‍♀️

Chen Shifer
Chen Shifer 14 November 2016
What is ASO or App Store Optimization?  ‍♀️

app store optimization App Store Optimization, also known as ASO, is the process of optimizing an app for the app store. Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? ASO is a new and technical marketing technique, really similar to SEO. It can help increase the organic downloads and ranking of an app. Of course, this will lead to higher revenue for the app developers or owners. No matter your level of technical skills, this article will help you better understand what ASO is. And, more importantly, how it can help you and your business.

What is App Store Optimization all about?

ASO is all about improving the web presence of your app. That’s why it’s often called mobile app SEO. An App store optimization expert can help with:

  • Increasing app downloads
  • Improving conversion rates
  • Multiplying the number of positive reviews
  • Upgrading app discoverability

Compared to other mobile marketing strategies, ASO can improve user acquisition organically. By indexing your app and improving its ranking, the app will be more present on the App Store or Play Store. When a user starts a search in the keyword field, your app will be there. The user can then decide whether or not they want to try the app. Having your app shown in the app store is free, and won’t require any extra per click or per download fees.

App indexing through ASO is the best way to:

  1. Generate high-quality traffic
  2. Increase conversion rates
  3. Acquire a loyal user base

What are the most important ASO factors?

App store optimization experts use aso tools to determine the best app keywords and optimize the apps around them. Doing a comprehensive and competitive keyword search, and understanding what the best and most used words in the app store search are will greatly improve your number of app downloads. HINT: ASO research can also be done by analyzing your competitor’s app product page.

List of ASO factors:

All App Stores:

  1. App Name (integrate your keywords in your title)
  2. Rating and Reviews (good reviews and ratings will help increase downloads)
  3. Updates (similar to how fresh content ranks in SEO, fresh apps that get frequent updates will get a boost)
  4. Downloads and Engagement (the number of downloads and the frequency are an important factor in ASO – burst campaigns are an awesome app marketing tactic that uses this factor to rank apps higher)
  5. In-App Purchases (if users consider your app worth buying, Google Play will push it higher in the index)

Apple App Store:

  1. App URL (similar to SEO, include your main keyword)
  2. App Subtitle (a good tagline can help your users understand what your app is about and increase downloads)
  3. Keyword field (Apple will allow you to add the keywords you want your app to rank for)
  4. Other factors (not everything is available to the public)

Google Play:

  1. App Description (a good app description will help both your App Store and Google Play ranking, as well as your CTR)
  2. Backlinks (Google takes into consideration normal links towards an app)
  3. Other factors (not everything is available to the public)

What are the easiest ASO factors to influence?

App store Reviews:

Five star ratings significantly impact your app ranking in the app store. To yield high ratings from users, you need to present them with the “Rate Us ” pop-up at the right moment. Not only is the timing important, but the popup also needs to convey the right message. When comparing an app with 2-star ratings against an app with 4.5 stars, the app with 4.5 stars will see a 20% better conversion rate from a viewer who clicks the download button and actually tries the product. Ultimately, we want the user to have a positive user experience so we can make their rating public.

User experience:

ASO is about creating a positive app store experience for the user. It creates a compelling story using the right creatives such as app store screenshots, icons, and captions, as well as the right strategic content with keyword research, titles and descriptions.

App Icon and Screenshots

As a picture is worth a thousand words, your ASO creative set for your app speak volumes.

Your app icon is the first thing potential users will see when browsing the app store, so make it a priority. Screenshots are just as important, as they allow users to experience their product through carefully crafted images. You can also use a video demo to engage users, but be very careful as studies have shown that video demos can actually negatively influence conversion rates.


There is no “one size fits all” in App Store Optimization. Every geographic location has its own cultural references, so it’s vital to conduct separate keyword research based on the country’s specific characteristics, trends, and language. Thus, if your target audience speaks Japanese, then it’s obvious your ASO efforts should match the Japanese market, from language to visuals, to understanding content that influences conversion rates.

Localization is a crucial part in App Store Optimization.

App name

Integrating your main keyword in your app’s name is one of the easiest ways of optimizing it. Some apps that have a keyword integrated within their name are:

Of course, you can always come up with a new and interesting idea for your app name. Apps like Tinder, Angry Birds or Gett have done it and succeeded. Just make sure that your app name is easy to understand, read, remember and write.

ASO needs maintenance!

App Store Optimization is an ongoing process and not a one-time effort. It’s the single most important stage for generating quality organic traffic to your app page. Once you generate traffic to your app’s app store page (whether is it organic, through social media or paid), you need to do everything in your power to increase conversion rates and develop a loyal user base. An app’s success requires more than cool, creative thought processes, it requires constant monitoring and performance analysis. Ultimately, the goal of App Store Optimization is to increase relevant traffic to your page so users who actively search the crowded app store can find the solution for what they’re looking for – your app! But it doesn’t stop there. Just as easily as they can click “Download” – they can choose to pass. The app page is the place where users make their final decisions whether to download your app or not (a process which usually takes 3-6 seconds), which is why you need to make your app page as appealing as possible. Lastly, stay up-to-date with Google’s and the App Store’s algorithms, and follow any regulations necessary to be approved in the stores. After you’re done with all of the above, feel proud and satisfied with yourself, but also ready to do it all again. Just like anything else in this world, App Store Optimization requires constant TLC, commitment, determination and an open mind.

What is App store optimization (ASO) not about?

App store optimization is not about tricking the system or building millions of downloads overnight.

Cramming keywords into your description or generating tens of fake reviews won’t help. ASO helps apps grow organically and it requires times. Because of this, results won’t appear overnight. We recommend doing a combination of paid mobile advertising, social media marketing, and ASO for your app in order to achieve the best results! At Moburst, we specialize in every mobile app marketing method, and we can help you boost your app’s revenue. Just contact us and we’ll take care of the rest!

Chen Shifer
Chen Shifer
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