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PreVue set out to challenge the norms of online dating with a unique concept: a video-based dating app focusing on authentic connections through real-time videos. Partnering with Moburst, the goal was not just to launch the app but to revolutionize the dating industry with a groundbreaking market entry. Moburst's strategic approach turned PreVue's innovative idea into a flourishing reality.
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Beyond the Swipe: Creating Genuine Connections in a Digital World



PreVue aimed to innovate the dating app scene by introducing a unique feature: a 22-second "PreVue" video created in-app to ensure authenticity. Moburst's challenge was to effectively build and launch the brand, beginning in Boston due to its dense target demographic and affordable media rates.


Moburst used a focused strategy for PreVue, combining creative and media efforts. We leveraged influencer videos, user-generated content, and tested various platforms like Meta, Snap, Google, TikTok, and Influencer Marketing to pinpoint top channels. This method enabled quick adjustments for better performance, boosting PreVue's visibility and user acquisition cost-effectively.
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Delivery and Results

Our partnership with PreVue led to remarkable results. In six weeks, we cut Cost Per Install (CPI) by 370% and improved Cost Per Sign-Up by 270%. This strategy drove growth, surpassing KPI targets by 27% and enhancing organic and paid downloads. The effective market entry showcased PreVue's potential in the competitive dating app market and set a strong foundation for future expansion and user engagement.

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