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Moburst is a full-service app marketing agency that helps you hit your KPIs and achieve unparalleled mobile growth.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies to overachieve their mobile growth goals, from some of the world’s biggest brands such as Google, Samsung and Dunkin’, to new startups on the block. We have a wealth of experience helping brands of all sizes conquer the mobile arena. Our key to success as an app marketing agency is combining a data-driven approach with a creative outlook. We help you hit your mobile marketing campaign KPIs in the most cost-effective and innovative way to get users to convert with a low CPI.
Our mobile app marketing services include:
App Store Optimization, Media Buying, Creative Production, Mobile Strategy, and more. Each team works together to create a seamless client experience and powerful mobile marketing campaigns across all of our mobile app services.

Our App Marketing Services


01 Mobile Strategy

As a leading App Marketing Agency, Moburst understands the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of mobile marketing. Crafting a fail-safe user journey based on a solid understanding of your users is crucial to success. That’s why we take a customized approach to your mobile strategy, offering insights and benchmarks that align perfectly with your brand. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest industry trends, ensuring that we employ the ones that will benefit your business the most. Mobile Strategy Service

02 Product Strategy

Let Moburst take your mobile product to the next level. Our customized, data-driven approach is designed to help you navigate the dynamic landscape of mobile marketing and achieve success. As a leading agency, we optimize everything from app retention to virality features to maximize your users’ value. Our comprehensive analysis provides actionable insights into your product strategy, based on competitor analysis, defining KPIs, adjusting the user funnel, and much more. Product Strategy Service

03 BI & Analytics

Data is at the heart of any successful mobile campaign. That’s why we’ve developed our proprietary Analytics and BI functions to provide comprehensive analytics displayed via stunning visualizations, putting the power in your hands. As a leading App Marketing Agency, we know that measuring progress, analyzing results, and optimizing campaigns can be a challenge with data scattered across platforms and channels. But with our Analytics and BI functions, you can gain a clear understanding of exactly what’s happening across your campaigns. Our versatile tools enable you to discover unseen opportunities, increase ROI, and tighten control. Visit our BI & Analytics service page now to learn more about how we can help you harness the power of data for success. BI & Analytics Service

04 ASO

Our ASO experts help with keyword research, A/B testing, localization, competitor analysis, and more to increase your app’s discoverability and downloads. We’ll deep dive into your app store presence and offer strategic improvements based on leading technology and our uniquely formulated techniques. Our comprehensive ASO strategy will increase your visibility and conversion rate, which will yield more organic traffic. ASO Service

05 CRO

Ready for lower acquisition costs and higher ROI? CRO is the key, and we’ve developed the blueprint for success. A high conversion rate can turbocharge your key metrics and multiply your gains. Our mobile CRO experts will test new screenshot types, icons, videos, and other creative assets. We use this hard data to determine the best combinations to drive conversions and continuously optimize your assets. CRO Service

06 App Localization

International success requires avoiding a “one-size-fits-all” content approach. To execute successful localization, we go further than just translating your app title and description into another language. Our team combines their access to great research tools and wealth of experience with local knowledge to incorporate relevant cultural references across your app’s copy and visuals. Localizations Service

07 Concept & Design

From powerful insights to immense impact, our campaign conceptualization and design process involves bringing your brand’s vision to life with concepts that resonate with the right audience at the right time. Showcase your product or service in an innovative way to inspire potential users. Concept & Design Service

08 Video Production

At Moburst, we don’t just create videos for apps – we craft memorable stories. Our team’s creative insight and passion are our tools in bringing these tales to life with a unique charm that truly speaks to the audience on an emotional level — capturing their attention & helping your brand reach its ultimate potential. Video Production Service

09 Social Media Management

Supercharge your company’s social media presence with the perfect mix of innovative and engaging content. Strike the right balance between what your audience wants to see and what draws their attention. Transform how users interact with your product, empowering them with a comprehensive messaging strategy tailored to their specific wants – so you can ensure they keep coming back for more! Social Media Management Service

10 App Store Assets

We believe in the power of effective app store creatives to make a real difference in your cost per download and organic trends. Our creative experts craft unique designs that capture your story in an eye-catching way; they’re designed to draw users into exploring further. Most users arriving at an app page take only 3-6 seconds to make a decision to download or to drop! Let us help you to convert app store visitors into active users. App Store Assets Service

11 UGC videos

User-generated content receives a 4x higher click-through rate and a 50% lower cost-per-click than average ads. As one of the world’s leading app marketing agencies, we harness our carefully curated Army of Creators to drive more exposure, engagement, and downloads for your mobile app. Our strategy focuses on the only currency that matters – authenticity. We embrace the power of creators to produce content that will resonate with your audience on all social platforms. UGC videos Service

12 Social & Search

Our team of experts will develop a social media buying and search strategies to help your app reach the target audience & increase downloads. We provide powerful customer engagement insights and VIP support from all social networks and search giants. We have unique relationships such as Premier Google Partners, FB partners and a TikTok Key Agency – ensuring you get tailored solutions to boost your performance. Social & Search Service

13 Networks & RTBs

With our deep understanding of ad networks and real-time bidding platforms, we can drive incredible results at low costs for your mobile app. We combine the right mobile media channels to surpass your goals and KPIs, track CPI and optimize ROI. Reach a highly engaged audience with the right message at the right time. Networks & RTBs Service

14 Influencer Marketing

Turning influencer marketing from brand awareness act to the most cost-effective performance driver. We offer a variety of influencer marketing solutions to help your business reach hypergrowth. Our services include influencer research, campaign management, content creation, and performance analysis. We have a team of experts who will work with you to create a customized influencer marketing strategy that’s tailored to your mobile app’s unique needs. Influencer Marketing Service

15 Email Marketing

Want users to make a purchase? Sign up? Whatever your goal might be, we create a data driven process to drive user actions. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to engage your target audience. Through a mix of content segmentation, personalization, and A/B testing, we will create targeted campaigns to customize your users’ experience and provide them with value. Email Marketing Service

16 OTT Advertising

With over 50% of digital video viewers watching content over OTT streaming services, we can help you take your key performance metrics to the next level with our OTT advertising services. Our clients are able to reach target audiences with greater efficiency and lower costs, showing up on each living room in the world with a cost of a digital campaign. OTT Advertising Service

17 Product Consulting

Our product consultants design the best app experiences using a methodical approach. With over 200 products under our belt, we strip your app down to its individual components, analyzing each one, making insightful recommendations, and optimizing each aspect to ensure product success. Product Consulting Service

18 UI/UX

Drive the user actions you want to see. With our wealth of expertise in crafting and refining hundreds of the world’s most successful apps and products, we’ll help you guide your users exactly where they need to go! Our comprehensive process covers design flow and user journey – delivering a smooth yet extraordinary app experience. UI/UX Service

19 App Development & Design

From concept to app-lication, Moburst will transform your ideas into high-quality apps that generate impactful, long-lasting results. Our development experts will craft a seamless & engaging user experience that drives customer loyalty, maximizes KPIs, and propels your app to the top charts in no time. App Development & Design Service

20 User-Generated Content (UGC)

Did you know that UGC delivers 4x higher CTR and 50% lower CPC than regular ads? It’s quite simple – Authenticity reigns supreme on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. That’s why our team of app marketing experts is here to help you win over your audience and boost your app’s success with game-changing user-generated content. User-Generated Content (UGC) Service

21 Creator Network

You may have a great app, but how can you make sure you’re showcasing its benefits to reach a wider audience of users? Enter our network of vetted creators who will supercharge your marketing goals. Whether it’s dating, lifestyle, comedy & travel – we’ve got you covered in all categories. Let us handle the logistics and witness an engaged user base like you’ve never seen before. Creator Network Service

Why Partner with an App Marketing Agency?

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Why Choose Moburst as Your App Marketing Agency?

Moburst was founded 10 years ago and, in that time, has grown to work with over 600 apps on campaigns across 70+ countries. Only 15 mobile apps have more than one billion users, and we work exclusively with 46% of them.

We leverage our experience and bring it to all of our current clients to help them optimize or launch their app. We achieve this by thinking outside of the box, using unconventional and innovative approaches, generating new ideas, and converting our knowledge into the products, mobile app services, and processes we use daily.

As a multiple award-winning mobile success agency, we have placed our clients’ apps in the Top 10 Charts 225+ times and have helped achieve over 140 million mobile app installs. Global brands and innovative startups worldwide come to us because we consistently over-deliver on our promises to launch apps into new realms.

Our broad range of app marketing services highlights our expertise across the entire mobile marketing spectrum, and we believe that the collaboration between our teams is at the core of our success.

At Moburst, we have proven results that you can check out for yourself. Head to our latest case studies or browse our mobile app services to see what we’re capable of.

We’ve helped our clients achieve incredible metrics such as

over 90%
ROI In 4 months
CPI decrease
retention rate increase
organic growth in under one year

We’ve driven success for Fortune 1000 companies and leaders in mobile gaming alike. They chose us for our ability to produce high quality, tailored, data driven and innovative results for their brand.
We want to get you to the top of the app store charts and search results, so that you enter into the sustainable cycle of continuous growth. The more you invest in your app marketing campaign, the better results you will see in return.

At Moburst, we work with you and tailor our approach to suit your KPIs. We’ll get to know the ins and outs of your business, from your target users to your approved messaging. We’ll understand the very fabric of your brand. We’ve worked with businesses across nearly every industry out there, but we recognise that each brand is unique and operates differently. A comprehensive client brief will guide the entire marketing campaign we craft for you.

Our team of Account Directors will keep you in the loop constantly. You’ll have a dedicated Account Director who will communicate with you every step of the way. We want your experience with us to be as smooth and successful as possible. We report back to you with all results regularly and clearly. You’ll have immediate access to data and insights as we’re always on hand to help with anything that crops up, no matter the time.

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We’ve worked on over 3,800 mobile marketing campaigns for leading brands around the world. We’ve helped our clients generate over 140 million app installs and reach the Top 10 Charts in the app stores over 225 times. If those stats don’t speak for themselves, feel free to drop us a line to discuss further.