The Biggest Mobile Marketing Takeaways from MWC 2019

Lior Eldan 17 March 2019
The Biggest Mobile Marketing Takeaways from MWC 2019

The Mobile World Conference, or MWC, is the biggest annual event for mobile marketers worldwide. MWC 2019 was epic, and there were tons of learnings and takeaways for mobile marketers and app developers. What follows are some of the biggest trends, insights and learnings from MWC 2019.

Get Discovered

The app stores are more packed than ever before with apps, so how do you make sure that your app gets discovered? One of the most effective ways to get discovered is with search. According to Apple, 65% of App Store downloads come from search. That’s a massive number, and it means that your search discoverability has to be on point if you want to succeed. Key tips and takeaways from MWC when it comes to search discoverability:

  • It sounds obvious, but make sure you know exactly how your app displays in search results
  • App icons become doubly important: ensure your icon stands out and doesn’t include too much detail
  • Use your app icon to highlight updates or special events: for example a Holidays-themed icon

At Moburst, we’ve also developed our own technology that enables us to see what Apple suggests when people start to type a search query and through that glean insight on what users are actually searching for, and where opportunities lie for our clients.

Convert New Users

One theme that came up constantly throughout MWC 2019 was how critical it is to get a user’s attention in the micro-seconds you have in front of them. Users are so used to swiping and scrolling that if you don’t make an immediate impression, it’s as if you were never there. This is even more important when it comes to new users. When a user lands on your app listing, you need to hook them immediately. This is primarily done through:

  • Eye-catching and stand-out-from-the-crowd creatives
  • The right balance between showing off the app itself and more aspirational creatives
  • Amazing video, where relevant
  • Descriptions that are exactly what the user is looking for

Think Out of The Box

So you’re constantly optimizing your search discoverability, as well as your app listing page to hook new users as soon as they land. But how do you drive more eyeballs to your app? Of course ads are a big part of this, but a lot of the conversation at MWC 2019 was around content marketing – using paid content to drive users to your app. Using platforms like Outbrain and Taboola for example, you can get your value proposition across to potential users in a way that’s interesting to them. This way, they are already interested in what you have to offer before they even get to your app listing, which makes a massive difference in conversion rates and cost per install.

The Success Your App Deserves

What MWC 2019 showed us is that the opportunity for apps is bigger than ever. Getting things right takes work, and means optimizing across a range of metrics (like amazing creatives, for example). For those that are willing to do what it takes to achieve success, the revenue numbers coming out of both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store show that it’s certainly worth it. Serious about the success of your app? See how we’ve helped the biggest names in the industry, and how we can help you.

Lior Eldan
Lior Eldan is the Co-Founder & COO of Moburst. As an ASO and Mobile media expert, Lior mentors and supports startups, helping them develop and execute their mobile marketing strategies.
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