Moburst’s Monthly Mobile Marketing Roundup #12 

Lital Castel
Lital Castel
Jessica Abbadia
Jessica Abbadia 29 February 2024
Moburst’s Monthly Mobile Marketing Roundup #12 

Welcome back to the 12th edition of Moburst’s Monthly Mobile Marketing Roundup!

This month, we’ll cover the latest mobile marketing news and updates for February 2024, including Google’s AI-powered Search Ads, Meta’s enhanced video ads insights, Apple’s latest App Store Connect updates, and much more.

Let’s dive right in.

Mobile Marketing News

Meta Introduces ‘Engaged-View’ for Enhanced Video Ads Insights 

As video continues to dominate as one of the top-performing advertising formats on Instagram and Facebook, Meta has recently decided to launch a helpful new attribution setting called “Engaged-view,” which allows for the measurement of conversions occurring within a day of someone watching a video ad, even if the viewer doesn’t immediately interact with the content.

This attribution setting offers a more detailed analysis of how video ads drive conversions without requiring immediate action from viewers, recognizing that many prefer not to disrupt their viewing experience. 

Meta Video Ads Engaged-view
Source: Meta
  • Understanding the subtleties of viewer behavior through Engaged-view can assist in crafting video content that resonates and encourages engagement, even if the immediate response is not a click. 

  • This means compelling ads that capture the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds will ensure users continue watching, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion within the one-day attribution window.

For app and brand owners, leveraging this attribution setting requires a shift towards creating content that not only grabs attention but does so in a way that aligns with how users consume video content today. 

We recommend balancing engaging content and non-intrusive advertising, ensuring that your ads contribute positively to the viewing experience.

Google Launches AI-Powered Search Ads & Asset Changes 

In a recent update, Google introduced changes to its AI-powered Search ads aimed at enhancing performance and flexibility.

  • Leveraging the capabilities of Google AI, responsive search ads will offer improved adaptability by identifying optimal combinations of headlines and descriptions. 

This update will help brands deliver more relevant ads that cater to evolving consumer behaviors. 

Here are the key changes you should know about:

  • Increased Flexibility: Responsive search ads now have the flexibility to display a single headline when it’s predicted to enhance performance. This adjustment allows for tailored ad delivery based on user queries and context.
  • Campaign-Level Assets: Brands now have the option to associate up to 3 headlines and two descriptions at the campaign level. This feature simplifies ad management by promoting consistent messaging across multiple ad groups within a campaign.
  • Dynamic Asset Optimization: With the introduction of dynamic assets, Google AI can now dynamically generate and display assets alongside manually created ones based on predicted performance improvements. This aims to maximize ad engagement by showcasing the most effective assets for each query.

App Store Updates

App Store Connect Updates

This month, Apple unveiled several improvements to its App Store Connect platform. These updates aim to provide app owners with deeper insights into their app’s performance and enhance clarity in performance measurement.

VisionOS App Analytics for Increased Insights

Apple’s App Store Connect has rolled out a significant update to its App Analytics to align with the rising number of VisionOS apps. This shift follows the success of Apple Vision Pro, prompting more developers to venture into creating VisionOS apps

  • Apple is now offering over a dozen metrics specifically tailored for VisionOS apps. These metrics include valuable insights into user acquisition, engagement, and monetization. The data will be accessible for apps developed for VisionOS, as well as existing iPadOS and iOS apps running on Apple Vision Pro.

VisionOS serves as Apple’s spatial computing platform for Apple Vision Pro, equipping developers with familiar frameworks and novel concepts to create immersive experiences. 

By leveraging tools like SwiftUI, UIKit, RealityKit, and ARKit, apps can explore spatial design elements such as windows, volumes, and spaces.

With features tailored for spatial design, audio, and collaboration, developers can craft captivating experiences while ensuring performance optimization through Xcode and Reality Composer Pro.

App Store Statuses Updates

In an additional update to App Store Connect, Apple has introduced several changes aimed at refining the process of app management and distribution for app owners. 

This update details changes to app statuses and introduces features that facilitate alternative app distribution channels within the European Union.

App Store Connect

Here are the key changes:

  • The “Ready for Sale” status has now been changed to “Ready for Distribution.” This change aims to accurately convey that an app is prepared for publication.
  • Marketers looking to confirm whether their app is available on the App Store are now directed to consult the “Pricing and Availability” section, simplifying the process of checking an app’s status.
  • Additionally, Apple has streamlined the app management experience by removing statuses such as “Developer Removed from Sale,” “Removed from Sale,” and “Pending Agreement.”

This move towards simplification helps app owners and marketers navigate App Store Connect more efficiently, reducing potential confusion and focusing on the most pertinent information regarding their app’s distribution status.

Another significant aspect of this update is the support for alternative app distribution methods within the European Union. 

Recognizing the need for marketers to have access to a broader range of distribution options, Apple has introduced features that enable developers to:

  • Add alternative app marketplaces, allowing them to extend their app’s reach beyond the App Store.
  • Generate alternative distribution packages, facilitating the distribution of apps across different platforms.
  • Enable notifications for automatic updates to alternative app marketplaces, ensuring consistency and the latest app versions across all channels.
  • Submit iOS apps for Notarization, enhancing the credibility and security of apps distributed outside the App Store.

These additions are particularly relevant in light of regulatory developments in the European Union, aiming to provide developers with the tools necessary to navigate this changing landscape. 

By accommodating alternative distribution channels, Apple is offering app owners more control over how and where their apps are accessed, potentially leading to wider exposure and engagement.

Changes to App Distribution in the European Union

In response to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the European Union (EU), Apple has announced updates affecting iOS, Safari, and the App Store, which impact developers distributing apps in the EU.

These changes provide developers with new options regarding app distribution, payment processing, web browser engine usage, interoperability requests, access to app data and analytics, and App Store user data transfers. 

  • While existing app owners who wish to maintain the current App Store system don’t need to take action, distributing apps in the EU will see alterations aimed at enhancing user safety, security, and privacy. 

These include Notarization for iOS apps, authorization for marketplace developers, and disclosures on alternative payments. 

Developers can begin implementing these changes with the beta release of Xcode 15.3 and iOS 17.4, with rollout to EU users scheduled to commence in March 2024. New options include adding alternative app marketplaces, generating distribution packages, enabling notifications for marketplace updates, and submitting iOS apps for Notarization.

New Countries Added to Apple Search Ads 

Apple Search Ads is set to expand into Brazil and several other key Latin American markets, offering developers a significant opportunity to broaden their reach and engage with new audiences. Alongside Brazil, countries including Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Paraguay will gain access to Apple’s advertising platform.

This expansion allows app owners to increase visibility for their apps, strategically enter Latin American markets, and prepare for targeted advertising campaigns. 

Google Play Store Updates

Encourage Users to Upgrade to Your App’s Newest Version

Google Play has introduced a new feature designed to prompt users to update their apps, ensuring they have access to the latest versions. 

This initiative addresses the issue of users who may be using outdated or unsupported app versions, potentially missing out on improved functionalities and experiences. 

  • App owners can now utilize the “Play recovery tools” to send update prompts to users each time they restart specific versions of an app. 

  • This feature is accessible through the Google Play Console or the Play Developer API, which can target specific app versions, countries, or Android versions without any prior integration. 

With over 50% of users responding to these prompts, this tool can significantly enhance user engagement and ensure a more consistent app experience. 

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Lital Castel
Lital Castel
Lital is Moburst’s Content Manager & Email Marketing Specialist. She specializes in coming up with engaging ideas and research to capture the trendiest topics in the digital and mobile marketing world. She is passionate about productivity and optimizing your day, but you can probably find her playing video games while cuddling with her dog on the couch to wind down at the end of a long day.
Jessica Abbadia
Jessica Abbadia
Jessica is Moburst's ASO & CRO Specialist. She specializes in enhancing organic performance for apps and games all over the world, while actively developing innovative methods for increasing app visibility and conversion, as well as offering her vast knowledge for the benefit of the mobile community. She graduated from law school and now serves as an animal rights activist who also loves reading books while sipping a strong coffee and holding one - or more - of her three cats.
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