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Boosting app discoverability and installation rates through vigorous optimization of app store page components.
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We Enhanced Titanbet’s Keyword Performance by 40X!



Titanbet, a sports betting app, was looking to increase its App Store performance for leading keywords and phrases associated with the app. Since the app was new in the App Store and no ASO actions had been taken before, it wasn't ranked at all for vital terms, which had a negative impact on its overall discoverability rate. Moburst set out to improve both the search results leading potential users to the app page and the page's user experience to encourage visitors to install the app.


Moburst conducted a two-phase process to boost the app's discoverability and conversion rates. The first phase included thorough keyword research based on search trends, during which words and phrases that presented the best traffic-difficulty ratio were chosen. The second phase focused on enhancing the app page creative content through a professionally crafted app description, a new app title and compelling visuals for the app's screenshots and icon.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

Titanbet climbed to the number one position for ten of its selected keywords. The app's overall keyword traffic increased by 3900%, and the average daily organic download rate improved by 60%. The app experienced an immediate improvement in discoverability and a significantly higher conversion rate due to the compelling content presented to users.


In Their Words

“Moburst promised and delivered. We were highly impressed by the combination of data-based keyword analysis and the inspiring creative process. The company's hard work and know-how proved to be both fast and efficient”.
Ori Matarasso, Head of Marketing

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