Moburst’s Monthly Mobile Marketing Roundup #2

Sarai Oppenheimer
Sarai Oppenheimer 27 April 2023
Moburst’s Monthly Mobile Marketing Roundup #2

From Microsoft’s upcoming App Store for mobile games to new keyword suggestions in the App Store; these are just a few examples of the updates and changes that have been taking place in the mobile marketing world this month. 

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into all the industry news and trends to keep you informed and ahead of the game. Let’s get started!

Mobile News

Microsoft Plans to Launch an App Store for Mobile Games 

Microsoft is set to build an Xbox mobile store to offer games directly on mobile devices, which may pose a challenge to tech giants like Google and Apple. 

Earlier this year, the company teased a “next-generation” game store, which is confirmed by discreetly revealing details in papers submitted to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) as it investigates the $68.7 billion Activision Blizzard acquisition. 

Microsoft Xbox logo

Microsoft disclosed that the acquisition would aid its expansion in mobile gaming, where it plans to create an Xbox mobile gaming platform and store. Brands should stay alert and keep updated on any further developments.

Google Play Store Updates & Features

Reduce Uninstalls for Your App with Auto-Archive

To help users free up storage space on their devices without having to completely uninstall apps, a new feature has been introduced by Android – auto-archive

Auto-archive popup
Source: Android

On almost-full devices, users will see a dialog that allows them to manually uninstall apps, and this feature will automatically clear app data, freeing up almost 60% of their storage space without removing the app or user data. 

  • This will, in turn, reduce unnecessary uninstalls and help users install your app without hassle.

Improve ASO Efforts with Google Play’s Free Machine Translation 

In their latest Games Developer Summit, Google announced a new service that will allow app developers to localize their apps effortlessly and reach a wider audience, regardless of their language proficiency. 

Play Store app icon

The new service will use machine learning to automatically translate app listings and other content while also providing suggestions for human review and correction. The feature is expected to roll out in the coming weeks, and it is part of Google’s efforts to make app development more accessible and inclusive.

How can app owners and marketers use this feature to enhance their App Store Optimization (ASO) efforts?

  • Translate app metadata: To ensure that international users can discover your app, it is critical to translate your app metadata, such as the app name, description, and keywords. Using Google Play’s machine translation can help you accomplish this quickly and easily.

  • Optimize for local cultural nuances: Machine translation can effectively translate your app’s language, but it is not always perfect. To ensure that your app is culturally sensitive and reflects local dialect and nuances, consider investing in professional localization services as well.

  • Monitor app reviews: As international users start downloading and using your app, be sure to monitor app reviews and feedback to spot any language-specific issues that may arise. You can use machine translation to translate the reviews and respond promptly to any concerns.

  • Continuously update translations: Machine translation can be a good starting point, but manually reviewing and updating the translations when necessary is always recommended to ensure accuracy.

App Store Updates & Features

Get More Visibility with Apple’s New Keyword Suggestions

Apple recently updated the search suggestion feature of its App Store. Instead of searching for apps on the app store without any suggestions, users will now have the option to view dedicated sections of pre-populated search terms. This new feature is incredibly useful because it allows users to find new applications quickly and easily. 

Apple keywords discovery
Source: Phiture

Additionally, app owners are given a new avenue for their apps to be discovered as they now come up in search suggestions. The updated search suggestion feature ensures that apps of all sizes get exposure within the App Store. This is a win-win situation for both ASO specialists and marketers as well as users of the App Store in terms of discovery and convenience!

  • To make the most of this update, ensure you adhere to ASO best practices and use a wide range of keywords to avoid using narrow terms that may not yield the desired results. You should also monitor the impact of keyword suggestions on your app’s discoverability by tracking search ranking, traffic, and installs.

Sell More with Apple’s Enhanced Global Pricing Update

Apple has made major pricing upgrades to its App Store, introducing enhanced global pricing across all types of purchases. The new price points follow common conventions in each country or region and are globally equalized using exchange rate information from financial data providers.

Existing apps and in-app purchase prices will be updated across App Store storefronts on May 9, 2023, using the current US price basis, unless updates have been made after March 8, 2023. App Store Connect, and the App Store Connect API can be used to update the base country or region at any time. By doing so, base country prices won’t be altered for foreign currency changes, and prices can be manually adjusted on select storefronts instead of using the equalized price.

in-app purchases
  • This makes it easier for app owners to sell their apps or in-app purchases at appropriate price points in different regions while ensuring that the pricing remains fair and competitive. 
  • It can also help you reach wider audiences by improving engagement among international users. 

The update establishes a consistent pricing structure that can lead to better ASO efforts and increased revenue growth for app owners.

MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners) & Developer Updates

Optimize Campaign Insights with AppsFlyer New Cohort Dashboard 

The latest update to AppsFlyer’s Cohort overview dashboard is designed to make it easier for you to identify which campaigns are fetching the most engagement and retention for your app. This way, you can allocate your marketing budget more effectively and make data-driven decisions. 

Appsflyer cohort dashboard
Source: AppsFlyer

By grouping app users by acquisition date, the Cohort dashboard will help you pinpoint areas where your app might be underperforming and allow you to take corrective action. Additionally, you can now group campaigns directly from the dashboard, classify them by week or month, and include or remove relevant KPIs for deeper insights.

Google Will Require Android Apps to Include User Account and Data Deletion Feature

Google plans to simplify the account deletion process for Android app users. Soon, developers will be required to enable users to delete an account and its data through the app and web interfaces.

Google Play Privacy Notice

Further, developers must erase all associated user data when a user requests to delete an account completely. These changes aim to improve user privacy and data protection measures on the Play Store. This decision was most likely incentivized by Apple’s recent guideline changes.

How should you adapt to these changes?

Marketers can adapt to Google’s new policy by ensuring that their app design and functionality comply with it. Start by reviewing your app’s privacy policy and the collected user data, and include clear instructions on performing account deletion within the app. 

This can help build trust, improve user retention, and drive more engagement by highlighting the importance of privacy and data protection. Additionally, as the new policy will affect app developers globally, marketers can use this as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors by proactively meeting this requirement. By adapting to the change quickly, they can retain their existing user base and potentially gain new users who value privacy and data protection.

Google Play Announces Automatic Update Prompts for Crashing Apps

Google Play has introduced a new feature to its platform that will help increase the rollout velocity of app updates and ensure that your app meets Play’s quality standards. 

Automatic crashing app prompt
Source: Android
  • With this update, Android 7.0 and above users will receive prompts to update your app if it crashes in the foreground and a more stable version is available. 
  • This feature will help reduce your user-perceived crash rate, ensuring that users have a better overall experience using your app.

Help Customers Resolve Billing Issues Without Leaving Your App 

Apple has announced a new feature that will make it easier for customers to resolve payment issues and stay subscribed to your content, premium features, and services. 

Starting this summer, when an auto-renewable subscription fails to renew due to billing issues, an in-app prompt will appear, letting customers update their payment method for their Apple ID. The feature requires iOS 16.4 or iPadOS 16.4, and no action is needed to adopt it. 

iPhone home screen
  • This automated feature will reduce the user-perceived crash rate and consequently allow your customers to resolve billing issues quickly and efficiently without needing to leave the app.
  • By enabling the Billing Grace Period and other powerful App Store features, app owners and marketers can better retain subscribers and reduce churn rates.

Key Takeaways

In order to stay competitive in the ever-changing app market, it is important to keep up with new features and changes. Google’s account deletion requirement and Apple’s billing grace period are just a few of the recent updates that developers should be aware of. 

By leveraging these features, marketers can offer their users better experiences, better privacy, security solutions, and easier payment processes. With these changes, your app will remain compliant with the latest industry standards, and you may also find yourself ahead of competitors who fail to adapt quickly enough. 

Ultimately, staying informed on the latest developments in mobile apps is essential for any successful marketer to ensure user satisfaction levels remain high.

If you want to take your app to the next level and experience hypergrowth, look no further than Moburst’s extensive mobile marketing services! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your app’s goals.

Sarai Oppenheimer
Sarai Oppenheimer
Sarai is an ASO & CRO analyst at Moburst, specializing in optimizing visibility and enhancing performance to increase downloads, conversions, and engagement. When she's not working, you can find her outdoors exploring nature and capturing beautiful memories with her camera.
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