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As part of the ASO building blocks for a sustainable and prosperous app, we developed a robust and high-value keyword base for Reflect.ly. Additionally, we reduced in-app event costs, all within just two months.
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Achieved a 40% drop in down-funnel conversion costs and exponential improvements in keyword rankings in under 60 days!



Reflect.ly aimed to increase its competitive keyword count, enhance category rankings, and augment visibility as part of its mission objectives. Additionally, we investigated the impact of Apple Search Ads on these key metrics in the App Store.


Prior to cutting down the tree, we sharpened the axe by restructuring Reflect.ly’s ASA account in alignment with Apple’s best practices. This allowed the company to scale their ASA campaigns more efficiently in the future. Further, through in-depth research, we revealed that localized targeting was more impactful than global targeting. Thus, we redirected our approach and optimized the US GEO and English-speaking countries.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

Our thoughtful approach made an impressive impact in under two months, resulting in a 122% increase in the Top 50 Keywords in the App Store and a striking 1,153% surge in the Top 50 Keywords for Google Play Store. We successfully lowered the average "trial converted" cost by over $19 and raised ROI by over 5%, despite traditionally high paid media costs.


In Their Words

"Moburst's proven track record of expertise in ASO not only helped us achieve our app store optimization goals in the short-term, but has positioned us for future long-term success as well."
Darius Moravcik, Chief Marketing Officer

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