My Insights from MAU is Vegas

Lior Eldan 30 April 2018
My Insights from MAU is Vegas

Mobile Apps Unlocked, better known as MAU was hosted in Vegas, and we were proud sponsors. We walked the expo hall, talked to people and participated in the forums, and we have some insights for you!


Perhaps the biggest topic of discussion in the industry. Many 3rd party tools were introduced to the market, on top of the solutions already given by the traditional MMPs. The Panel on this topic called out the fact that there aren’t industry standards for Fraud, which causes confusion for advertisers and disappointment from publishers, as they get flagged for ads that are legit (e.g. Digital Turbine, a network offering pre-installs on new purchased devices across major Telco providers, get flagged by having too many new devices when in fact that’s all that they have).


ASO is still a buzzword, however not the new kid on the block anymore. Still cool though. Many apps are doing some ASO, yet there is a lot of un-clarity to what exactly it includes. Luckily, our children hit book title “The little app that went missing” helped clarify what ASO is all about.

Media Automation

The present future. Advertisers lose the ability to control and manipulate campaigns, which makes the creative evermore crucial and dominant. To set UAC for success and scale, the creative should be broken down into assets, which are the building blocks for an ad. UAC then mixes and matches between the different assets to find the best performing combination

A similar trend is happening on Facebook, as their automation gets better (e.g. Automatic placements), advertisers can rely more on their algorithm to find the right place and the time for an ad. The challenge becomes having the right message, i.e. creative, and showing it to the right users, meaning the target audience. Facebook also offers new and advanced tools to split and A/B test  different elements of the creative and targeting.

Outside of Google and Facebook

A direct results of G&F dominance is the disappearance and consolidation of ad networks, especially the smaller ones. As advertisers become more sophisticated and data oriented, this industry is going down the funnel, and CPA payment model for advertising becomes a more common phenomena.   All in all the industry is maturing, advertisers are much more knowledgeable and know what they want, and thus tools are becoming more sophisticated and the bar has been raised. We’re game

Lior Eldan
Lior Eldan is the Co-Founder & COO of Moburst. As an ASO and Mobile media expert, Lior mentors and supports startups, helping them develop and execute their mobile marketing strategies.
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