Marketing Strategy Agency – All You Need to Know

Lior Eldan 26 August 2019
Marketing Strategy Agency – All You Need to Know

Marketing is one of the most important functions of any business. A great marketing strategy can be the difference between huge successes, and unfortunate failures. Take Red Bull for example.

Their marketing campaigns have taken a sweet energy drink and made it synonymous with extreme sports, health, pushing boundaries and breaking records – they even sponsor Formula One race cars!

Marketing Strategy Company

Successful marketing efforts start with your marketing strategy. This is where a marketing strategy agency can really help. A top marketing strategy agency will assist in crafting an incredible campaign around what you offer, and guide you through the process as they have done with other partners of theirs.

In the world of mobile, in particular, a top mobile strategy agency is critical if you want to differentiate yourself, successfully attain key app metrics, and see your business reach its true potential.

In this post, we’ll look at a marketing strategy agency in more depth, what a marketing strategy agency can offer you, and we’ll take a close look at how to get the most out of your relationship with a mobile strategy agency.

Benefits Of A Marketing Strategy Agency

Let’s start off by asking a key question: why a digital marketing agency? Surely companies can handle marketing in-house? Wouldn’t this actually be the preferred way of doing things?

The answer is an interesting one. Think about the biggest brands in the world. They all use creative agencies when it comes to their advertising, third parties who sit outside of their business units.

When it comes to marketing, the same thing applies. Of course, companies have marketing departments, but the benefits of a marketing strategy agency are numerous and include:

  • A non-biased view of the business, product, and opportunities
  • Exposure to different industries and markets
  • Experience and knowledge in niche areas
  • Connection within and outside the industry
  • Experience with different stages of the marketing cycle

These types of benefits are priceless. And when it comes to organizations that aren’t multinationals, the benefits are even more pronounced. Most executive teams do not have massive marketing departments to call upon.

Especially not with people experienced in different industries, various niches, and with vastly differing skill sets that a marketing strategy agency can offer.

A top mobile strategy agency has succeeded before with clients likely similar to you and therefore can bring all of this knowledge and experience to ensure your own success.

A Mobile Strategy Agency Plays A Crucial Role

When it comes to the world of mobile, the need for a mobile strategy agency is even more acute. A simple example illustrates this: whereas with physical goods and services, there are thousands of different ways to sell a product – with mobile products this has to be done through a store – generally speaking the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This means that you are literally competing against millions of other mobile applications to get discovered and then installed and used.

This is exactly what a top mobile strategy agency can accomplish.

The world of mobile is also changing constantly, requiring experts who are up to date on the latest releases, features, and trends. Often an App Store will change an algorithm, which can wreak havoc for companies who do not have a top mobile strategy agency to call upon.

Marketing Strategy Services

As the name suggests, a huge part of the magic lies in the strategy. With the right strategy in place, the world is your oyster. With an ill-advised strategy in place, however, it can be very difficult to navigate.

With a top mobile strategy company in your corner, you will be able to:

  • Clearly define your value proposition and target audience
  • Get the right mobile strategy to engage consumers
  • Save precious time by focusing on what matters and works
  • Align your business with the KPIs that count
  • Solve your toughest mobile challenges
  • Learn from the mobile industry experts

Together with your mobile strategy company, you will build a strong go-to-mobile market strategy that will enable you to better understand your customers and achieve the goals that you have set.

Through building a strong mobile customer journey, your mobile strategy agency will help you master the toughest challenge of all – understanding your audience.

This will include a unique mobile strategy that’s a perfect fit for your brand – be it through an app, a responsive mobile site, mobile campaigns, app consulting, partnerships, new monetization models, and a whole lot more.

Mobile Strategy Services

As with anything worthwhile, the best mobile strategy services are not easy to come by, nor are they quick changes that can be made. The best mobile strategy partners will develop a carefully crafted strategy that takes a whole lot of variables into account, and which gives you the greatest chance of achieving your KPIs and business goals.

This is where a company like Moburst shines. Moburst has won several awards and was even named “Top 3 Mobile Agencies Worldwide” by Clutch for our strategies crafted specifically for each and every one of our clients. We get to know about our clients, learn their goals and dream up the perfect strategy fit for their product and market.

The typical process a top mobile strategy agency follows is:

  • Market validation
  • Business plan
  • App design
  • Marketing strategy
  • Alpha phase
  • Beta phase
  • App launch
  • KPI optimization

Market validation:

The first step in crafting your mobile marketing strategy is market validation. This means testing your idea with your potential target market, and ensuring the fit is right. Not only will this tell you if you have a successful business on your hands, but will also give incredible insights into who your target audience is, and what they value in a product such as yours.

Identifying your target audience is critical and forms the foundations of your entire marketing strategy.

Business plan

Next comes your business plan. Your mobile strategy agency should assist you in crafting this plan, including KPIs, timelines and what is required in order to achieve these goals.

Mobile Product Agency

Marketing strategy

This is, of course, the core of the process. Your mobile marketing strategy might include:

  • Your positioning as a brand – taking your audience into account
  • Your main and secondary marketing messages
  • The channels you will be using to give across those messages to your target audience
  • Your funnel, and ensuring each stage is optimized
  • The medium you will use to give across your message (video, images, etc.)
  • Use of influencers

This is now your marketing roadmap, your “north star” that should be followed irrespective of how caught up you get in specific tactical engagements. If your product is a dating app for seniors, and you’re about to start a Snapchat campaign, take a look at your mobile marketing strategy before you continue.


App Store Optimization, or ASO, needs its own section, as it’s such a critical part of any mobile marketing strategy. A top mobile strategy company will know this and ensure that your ASO game is on point.

As we mentioned earlier, your users are going to come through the app stores at some point.

This is a “make or break time”, where one wrong move can mean your mobile app is passed over for a competitor’s, and all your resources that went into drawing that user to your listing essentially subsidized your greatest rival’s campaign.

To avoid this heartbreaking situation, ensure your agency is an expert at ASO, otherwise even the best mobile marketing strategy up until this point won’t help you.

Mobile Product Agency – One Step Up

You get a mobile marketing company, which can give insights and assistance when it comes to strategy. One step further is a mobile product company, or mobile product agency.

This type of mobile marketing agency combines all the benefits of a traditional mobile marketing agency, with experience, skills, and knowledge in product design and product strategy.

This can include everything from User experience / UI and interface design, to web and mobile app development best practices, to incredible learnings and insights that will make marketing your mobile app so much more effective.

A premium mobile product agency will be able to add value throughout the design process, including post-launch optimizations. Such a mobile product company will also enable you to benchmark yourself against industry leaders and understand where and how to make small improvements that can translate into massive gains across the board.

Mobile Strategy Partners

A top mobile marketing agency will quickly become more than just another third party supplier, but a true business partner.

The best mobile strategy partners are there for you with anything you may need. When it comes to the best mobile marketing agency, there will be experts in everything from overall strategy to social media strategy, paid ad strategy and a whole lot more.

Having mobile strategy partners in place, in the form of a top mobile marketing agency, is one of the most, if not the most important business decision when it comes to mobile success.

The Best Mobile Product Agency – A Case Study

The best way of seeing mobile marketing success in action is through a case study. In this case, Moburst, as a top mobile marketing agency, was approached by Bazz to develop an effective mobile marketing strategy for the app.

BAZZ is an app that enables users to listen to text messages while driving and to easily and intuitively respond to such messages in a safe way. BAZZ turned to Moburst, among other things, to examine why people weren’t using the app correctly, and why there was such a wide gap between the number of installs and the number of active users.

Moburst immediately examined the mobile strategy around the app, and where it could be improved. An in-depth analysis of the app’s UX/UI detected that many users gave up on the app during the onboarding stage. This was fixed by cutting loading times and replacing texts for visuals.

Another issue was that users weren’t using the app as BAZZ intended them to. This issue was addressed by creating a short, gamified tutorial that showcased the app’s main functionalities and benefits in less than 10 seconds.

Increase conversion through A Marketing Strategy Agency

The results were phenomenal. In less than a month, the gap between installs and active users was reduced dramatically, with conversion rates reaching as high as 366%.

As Osnat Polak, Marketing & Business Development of BAZZ put it:

“Moburst’s in-depth analysis process was extremely eye-opening and finally shed light on the precise issue that was holding our app back from garnering an active community of users. From that point on, we knew we were in good hands.”

A Top Marketing Strategy Agency – An Investment

When it comes to a marketing strategy agency, and specifically a mobile strategy agency, it pays to get the best.

At Moburst, our mobile strategy experts have helped the biggest brands in the world craft their successful mobile marketing strategies, and as a top mobile marketing agency has won numerous awards in the process.

We only say this because we want to help you to reach the success that you’re capable of, and together craft a mobile marketing strategy that can unlock your true potential.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

Lior Eldan
Lior Eldan is the Co-Founder & COO of Moburst. As an ASO and Mobile media expert, Lior mentors and supports startups, helping them develop and execute their mobile marketing strategies.
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