Moburst’s Monthly Mobile Marketing Roundup #1

Sarai Oppenheimer
Sarai Oppenheimer 29 March 2023
Moburst’s Monthly Mobile Marketing Roundup #1

Staying current with the latest updates in the Mobile Marketing industry is essential for anyone who wants to stay ahead of market trends and gain an advantage over competitors.

From new features and changes in regulations to tips on how to effectively promote your apps and stand out from the digital crowd – there are plenty of updates from Google’s & Apple’s official app stores and various MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners) that can benefit marketers.

This is why we’re excited to debut Moburst’s Monthly Mobile Marketing Roundup, in which we’ll guide you through the latest tools and tactics to help you maximize your potential in the mobile marketplace. Get ready to crush those marketing goals and maximize your app’s potential!

App Stores Updates 

Google’s Play Store & Apple’s App Store are digital marketplaces allowing users to purchase and download apps, games, music, movies, books, and more on their Android devices.

Google Play Store has been busy testing new features and layouts recently. Most notably, they have introduced two important updates in the store:

1. Live Events Now Showing in Google Play Search

  • Limited-timed events are a type of Promotional Content event in Android that is designed to run for a specific amount of time. These events can be used to perform specific tasks, such as activating a feature or completing an action. 
Live Events - Google Play Search

They can also be used to give users a sense of urgency, as they typically only have a certain amount of time before the event expires. Until now, events appeared on the Games tab, Events tab, store listing page, or search results (when searching for the app).

We have noticed that Google has been changing the search results layout and increasing the visibility of live events on the Play Store. Live events have started showing after some of the Ads & organic results when searching for games. Additionally, they have also begun showing under the limited-time events category. 

2. Google Play Search Introduces a New Drop-Down Menu for Recommended Apps

Up until now, the play store search results showed only the icon, app name, developer, category, average reviews, size of the app, and the number of installs.

  • During the recent layout changes that Google has been rolling, a new sub-category named ‘Recommended for you’ appears under the search results. 
  • This sub-category displays apps that have not been shown beforehand, with the possibility of opening a dropdown menu showing screenshots, feature graphics, and promo videos.
Google Play Search Menu

Additionally, this recommended app’s menu option can increase the chances of users installing the app without visiting the store listing/main product page and reduce scrolling through other apps with no screenshots.

  • This recommendations section does not appear when searching for generic KWs – but only potentially branded KWs. 

These changes can significantly benefit app owners and marketers as they will increase visibility for their products throughout the store.

3. Apple Implements Peer Group Benchmarks to Improve App Store Connect Insights

Apple has introduced Peer Group Benchmarks in its App Store Connect platform. This feature is valuable for marketers and brands as it provides data-driven insights highlighting improvement areas. 

App Store Connect Dashboard

Source: App Store Connect

Moreover, Apple has integrated developer insights for app practitioners and owners to enhance the platform’s usability and informativeness. By leveraging this feature, marketers & developers can make informed decisions, gain valuable insights for effective marketing campaigns, and navigate the dynamic App Store ecosystem more efficiently.

MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners) New Features

Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) platforms offer various services, such as real-time data analysis, user engagement tracking, and advertising optimization solutions, among many others.

4. Adjust Launches Pulse – a Smart Alert System to Help Mobile Marketers Stay on Top of Campaigns

Adjust, one of the industry’s leading MMPs has recently launched Pulse, a new alert system engineered to monitor crucial changes in mobile campaigns, thereby providing app marketers with intelligent alerts. These include alterations in performance metrics, like installs or in-app activity. 

Adjust's Pulse Notifications

Source: Adjust

  • This innovative system ensures mobile marketers are well-informed of their campaign’s performance and can react swiftly and effectively to any relevant campaign changes.

5. AppsFlyer Announces ROI360 – The Solution for Complete, Accurate, and Fresh ROI Measurement

AppsFlyer just recently announced the launch of ROI360, a new solution that provides complete, accurate, and up-to-date ROI measurement.

AppsFlyer's ROI360

Source: AppsFlyer

  • Using this tool, developers and marketers can more accurately track the impact of their campaigns in real-time, allowing them to adjust their strategy and optimize them for better performance.

How to Utilize These Updates for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

These updates have the potential to create new opportunities for app owners and marketers. With better visibility throughout the store, app owners can attract more users and increase engagement and retention rates while monitoring campaign ROI, in-app activity, and fluctuations, all while boosting their overall sales and revenues.

Additionally, these changes can be used as motivation to create better-optimized apps that will get noticed in the app stores. The more we push to develop and create better metadata, campaigns, content, and events, the higher the chances of our apps showing and getting the correct exposure.

In order to make the most of these updates, it is important to stay up-to-date with industry trends and add and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Here are some tips on implementing these updates into your ASO & mobile marketing strategy:

Improving App Performance: Leveraging Google Play Search & Apple Store Connect Benchmarks

Google Play Search‘s recent changes are expected to increase the chances of users installing apps that utilize the new sub-categories and benefit from their boosting effect. Marketers can leverage these updates to gain a competitive advantage and enhance their store visibility, which could lead to increased downloads.

Mobile Marketing Insights

The benchmarks available in Apple Store Connect provide developers with a comprehensive overview of their app’s performance, allowing them to identify specific areas that require improvement. For instance, a low conversion rate may indicate issues with the subscription model, whereas a low retention rate suggests internal functionality problems. These benchmarks are crucial in helping developers dive deeper into the necessary enhancements needed to improve their app’s overall performance.

Maximizing App Campaign Insights: How to Use Adjust’s Pulse and AppsFlyer’s ROI360

App owners can now benefit from Adjust’s new feature, Pulse, as it allows them to monitor their campaign changes and receive intelligent alerts about any significant fluctuations, such as changes in performance metrics like installs or in-app activities. 

Pulse by Adjust

Pulse’s Built-in Preview Charts. Source: Adjust

Pulse empowers app owners to stay informed about their campaigns, react quickly, and optimize marketing efforts. This innovative feature can help app owners maximize their campaigns’ potential by making data-driven decisions in a timely manner.

AppsFlyer’s ROI360 solution can also offer plenty of benefits for app owners, as they can receive accurate ROI measurements in real time. This enables tracking the impact of their campaigns and adjusting their strategies accordingly for better performance.

ROI360 by AppsFlyer

Source: AppsFlyer’s ROI360 Overview Dashboard

Both solutions provide real-time modification management and enable users to continuously stay ahead of the competition. However, achieving a competitive edge requires ongoing efforts from marketers and app owners. 

You should always stay updated with the latest trends by regularly updating your content and campaigns, creating engaging user experiences, and utilizing A/B testing methods to optimize your approach. Eventually, a continuous cycle of improvement and adaptation will lead to long-term success.

Additional Tips to Boost Your App’s Visibility 

  • Leverage Live Events – Make sure to use live events as they give users a sense of urgency and help capture attention quickly.

  • Utilize Recommended Apps – Use Google Play Store’s new feature by optimizing your screenshots, feature graphics, and promo videos to appear on the dropdown menu when people search for your app or related keywords. This way, they will be more inclined to download your app.

  • Monitor & Tweak Your Strategies on the go – Monitor how Apple’s and Google’s recent updates affect your app’s campaign visibility, and tweak your strategy when needed to optimize performance.

  • Utilize different performance tools – Using the latest performance tools, such as AppsFlyer’s ROI360 and Adjust’s Pulse alert system, can help you keep track of your live campaigns and react accordingly to any changes that may come along. 

By implementing these tips, you can ensure that you get the most out of the available new features and drive more users to your apps!

To optimize discoverability and increase conversions on the App Stores, brands should consider partnering with a Mobile Marketing agency specializing in App Store Optimization (ASO). Working with an ASO agency can help brands stay updated with the latest mobile updates, releases, and best practices. By working with an ASO agency, app owners can optimize their app’s performance and achieve their business goals more effectively.

Sarai Oppenheimer
Sarai Oppenheimer
Sarai is an ASO & CRO analyst at Moburst, specializing in optimizing visibility and enhancing performance to increase downloads, conversions, and engagement. When she's not working, you can find her outdoors exploring nature and capturing beautiful memories with her camera.
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