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We increased Vodio’s daily download volume by 560%!
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The campaign that reached a positive ROI in just a few months!



Vodio, a video curation app, approached Moburst with the challenging task of increasing daily download rates on a particularly tight budget and without executing paid media advertising. The company's goal was to attract high-quality organic traffic using the most cost-effective measures available.


Moburst conducted a thorough examination of Vodio's presence in the App Store. The review included the textual content (title, descriptions, and reviews), visual components (screenshots and captions), and overall brand messaging. The app page content was then edited based on Moburst's broad experience to maximize the app's discoverability for relevant keywords and phrases. Furthermore, we added a unique feature within the app itself to encourage five-star rankings, improve the app's ratings, and increase search visibility.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

Vodio's daily download volume increased by 560%. 35% of users submitted a five-star rating. It was named Apple's App of the Week and appeared in the top three search results for competitive terms such as "watch video", "watch clips", "best clips", and "best video". Additionally, Vodio was included in the Essential News Apps Collection alongside other respectable apps such as CNN, NY Times, Pulse, and Flipboard.


In Their Words

"Moburst helped us multiply our daily download rate by 5x without any advertisements or promotions. This astronomical difference raised our company value and pleased our investors greatly."
Jonathan Messika, CEO

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