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Moburst helped Calm optimize their app store presence components and app ranking mechanism to achieve maximum visibility in category rankings and search results.
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36% Uplift in Organic Installs, Entering the Category’s Top 10



Calm is a meditation app that delivers peaceful and calming thoughts to improve your state of mind. With the increasing trend in mindfulness and meditation apps, Calm had to stand out among the competition on its app store page. In order to improve their ranking in the Apple App Store's Health & Fitness category and increase discoverability and organic downloads, Calm reached out to Moburst.


We designed new creatives to craft a story that explains what the app is about. In addition, we conducted in-depth keyword research to create a clear and concise title and description that contain strategic keywords and phrases, bringing awareness to Calm's unique selling points. Furthermore, since users' reviews greatly impact discoverability in the App Store, we paid special attention to refining Calm's 5-star mechanism. After analyzing user behavior and ranking the app across various time points, we chose the perfect moment to launch the pop-up review, which led to a boost in getting 5-star ratings.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

We propelled Calm to the top 10 in the Health and Fitness category. The number of keywords ranked in the top 15 positions soared by 684%. Calm's organic installs grew by 36% within 6 months, and the cumulative traffic rose by an impressive 521%!


In Their Words

”With such a competitive marketplace, we were thrilled to see our app in the top 10 Health and Fitness category. Moburst gained unparalleled insight into our app’s user behavior, bringing our discoverability to a whole new level”.
Alex Tew, Founder & CEO

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