The Importance of Good Creatives Within Your App Page

Shany Hai
Shany Hai 04 December 2018
The Importance of Good Creatives Within Your App Page

An ad with a breathtaking picture arrests our attention a whole lot more than one with tons of well-written copy. Sure, titles, descriptions and other elements of your page are super important. But it’s your creatives – both individually, and how they “pull together” for overall look and feel – that are your best opportunity to get users to spend more time on your page getting to know you.

It’s About Impact

It’s been shown that businesses that invest in creatives are 85% more likely to be financially successful. The stats are compelling: 71% of US consumers will choose a product over others because of good design; 69% of consumers will be more loyal to brands utilizing good design and 57% will actually pay more for a product or service that is designed well. Moreover, for businesses that invest in creative, 89% are more likely to have satisfied customers and 88% are more likely to be competitive. Research also shows that a good First Impression on your product page will increase conversions by 35%! That First Impression – what the user sees before even scrolling – should be dominated by your well-thought out creatives. Why? 60% of users don’t scroll beyond your First Impression and half of them make their decision to install based only on the First Impression. Bottom line? Good creatives are very important critical to your app’s success.


Creatives Everywhere

There are multiple places where you can let your creatives shine through. Your app icon is the first element that can attract users’ attention. Icons should be simple, recognizable, and should avoid hard-to-read text and too many visual details. Also make sure it looks great in all sizes! App previews are the next place where a user’s attention can be grabbed. Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest ways to take maximum advantage of each platform by checking out the new Google Play Store and iOS 12. Most apps will want to ensure that their previews are engaging from the start, give over the message early, and are localized so that they appeal to all possible users. Screenshots are another key element of your successful creative strategy. You can use screenshots to show users exactly what their experience will look like, or you can use them as a super-creative way to further grab users’ attention and tell a story. Or both, as Google does beautifully with its Google Maps app. Of course your creatives are important throughout the process. They should be engaging, relevant and consistent  throughout your user acquisition process, from ads to promotional emails, in-app elements and notifications. For more about effective design, check out Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s guides. Testing is of course a key way to measure and improve your creatives’ impact. Creatives should be refreshed regularly (particularly around holidays and other seasonal events), and constantly improved when measured across all of your metrics.

Good Creatives Is Good Business

Good creatives really are the difference between great apps and good ones. We cannot overstate the importance of investing in quality creatives, and what that can do for download numbers, conversion ratios, CPI rates and brand cache. This is one of the main reasons that we have our own creative team. We understand the value of good creatives for your app, and our world class creative team know what it takes to make your app and brand as successful as they can be.

Shany Hai
Shany Hai
Shany is Mobursts' leading Art director. She has vast experience in Mobile Marketing and UX/UI
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