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Pink Park

By employing a hyper-targeted user acquisition strategy, Pink Park experienced a 20% surge in monthly ROI.
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Acquiring paying users through a campaign that yielded a positive ROI in mere months!



Pink Park, a private parking service app, sought to attract new users who could procure parking meter time via their app. With a service area highly targeted to specific geographic locations, the company faced the major challenge of luring users within these regions.


Moburst utilized hyper-targeted user acquisition strategies to ensure that the most qualified audience was exposed to the campaign, prioritizing quality over quantity. We deployed additional targeting parameters similar to the existing paying customers to better define the target audience and identify the most suitable channels. During the campaign duration, Moburst optimized over 2,000 mobile ads across Pink Park’s varied micro-segments, aiming to deliver tailored messages.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

By executing a hyper-targeted user acquisition strategy, Pink Park observed a 20% surge in monthly ROI with the users acquired through Moburst's assistance. After just five months of launching the campaign, Pink Park proudly announced that they had achieved profitability with the newly acquired users.


In Their Words

“Moburst used precise targeting to reach the right users with the right message at the right time. This translated into higher and faster ROI than we ever expected.”
Tomer Blustein, Pink Park's Founder

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