What Is A Mobile Media Agency?

Team Moburst
Team Moburst 28 June 2019
What Is A Mobile Media Agency?

What exactly is a Mobile Media Agency? We’ll explore what a mobile media agency is, and why the right mobile media agency is so important for your business. For context, mobile ad spending is set to surpass all traditional media combined next year. Already, mobile advertising has outpaced TV advertising by around $6 billion, and this trend is set to continue. All brands, from the smallest startup to global giants, are a part of this trend. All are vying for a mobile audience that can be targeted, measured and optimized Leaving mobile success to chance, or to a small team of in-house employees, could mean missing out on the massive opportunity presented by mobile. Read on to discover everything you need to know about a mobile media agency.

What A Mobile Media Agency Traditionally Meant

Traditionally, a mobile media agency was used by organizations to buy mobile media. Media buyers would purchase advertising space to convey a specific marketing message to a mobile audience. Often, these agencies would be divisions or spin-offs of traditional advertising agencies. Since the explosion of apps and the app stores, a mobile media agency’s role has grown tremendously, becoming a crucial factor in any company’s path to success.

What A Mobile Media Agency Means Now

Today, a mobile media agency is a holistic, full-service media agency that offers everything from social media strategy to increasing mobile exposure, marketing mobile apps, and growing a mobile audience. Clearly, the role of the mobile media partner has grown exponentially, which is expected given the explosion in mobile use and buying habits, the increased number and usage of mobile apps, and the penetration of smartphones today. A mobile media agency has become an extension of a brand’s marketing team. Mobile growth has become so important to so many businesses, that few multi-national or national brands go without a mobile media partner.

Mobile Media Companies

A mobile media company is likely to be one of three types of mobile media solutions:

1. A niche or boutique mobile media company

A niche or “boutique” mobile media company usually specialize in one particular area. For example, this could be Facebook campaigns or Pinterest ads. These boutique agencies are sometimes used by general mobile media companies for specific projects or clients. Engaging the services of a niche mobile media company has got its advantages as well as its drawbacks. On the positive side, these niche companies are good at providing mobile media solutions they specialize in. On the negative side, however, the best campaigns don’t live in a vacuum. Well-crafted, premium media services are holistic, and each channel “fits” within the overall strategy. For example, a mobile app could engage the services of a company specializing in Facebook ads. This might work well for them, at least in the short-term, resulting in a fair number of downloads, but costing a lot and probably at a relatively high cost per install.


2. A general mobile media company

General mobile media companies offer a bit of everything. While not experts in any one field, they understand enough to be able to provide a more comprehensive suite of mobile media services. Again, there are pros and cons to this approach. App developers and marketers get a mobile media company that understands many different aspects of mobile marketing, yet they are unable to truly take advantage of any of the niche, specialized fields or mobile media solutions. An important point to be aware of here is that there are many companies out there claiming to be top media companies or offering top media services. There are a few ways to ascertain whether the company you’re engaging with is going to further your business goals or result in poor results, much money spent and plenty of stress along the way. Some of these ways include: Awards In a competitive industry like mobile media agencies, only the best rise to the top and are awarded by peers and industry experts. Before engaging the services of a mobile media agency, ask about what awards they have won, and when these were achieved. You’re looking for current achievements, not awards from 5 years ago. Clients Who are their clients? Are there any big names there? If not, be careful. In this industry, the top clients gravitate to mobile media companies that deliver consistent results. You’re looking for big, recognizable names. It also helps if you can see actual results. Percentage growth in key conversion metrics, for example, is an excellent way to judge the performance of a mobile media company. Third party rankings Mobile media companies are constantly ranked by experts in the field, peers, and clients. If your prospective mobile media agency isn’t on these ranking lists – preferably in the top ten – it’s worth asking more questions and trying to find out more.

3. One of the top media companies that offer end-to-end services

Finally, there is the full service media company – mobile media companies that offer the full suite of premium media solutions, and that have deep roots in all aspects of mobile media services. These companies are able to do everything from the original strategic planning – including looking at target audiences, competitors, unique selling points and market positioning – all the way through to smallest detail when running social ad campaigns, for example. If we look at the example in point 1 above, let’s take that same mobile app that now engage the services of a top media company: the full-service media agency will create a targeted burst that will result in the app appearing on top lists on the app stores. This will be combined with App Store Optimization and other social campaigns to drive even more interest in the particular application. Suddenly, the app is generating huge amounts of organic downloads. The end result is massive exposure, many more downloads, a lower cost per download, less media spend in the long-term, and a solid, growing business.

Mobile Media Services

The best media companies will offer the following mobile media services:

  • Mobile Campaigns
  • Media Management and Optimization
  • Mobile Strategy
  • App Store Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Product Consulting
  • Creative Production
  • Video Production
  • Social Management

Mobile Strategy Mobile strategy includes everything that goes into mobile marketing: from planning to the various channels that will be used and how the product is positioned. Mobile Campaigns A mobile campaign is often run for a new app, a specific time of year (for example around the holidays) or to boost flagging downloads of an existing app. Media Management and Optimization Media buying is often one of the biggest investments that brands make in their mobile success. Therefore media management and optimization become incredibly important so that budgets are deployed effectively and money is not wasted. App Store Optimization This is make-or-break time for apps. Since apps have to be downloaded through the app stores, optimizing this part of the funnel is the most important step when marketing for mobile. It doesn’t help, for example, if you spend tons of money getting users from Facebook ads, only for them to arrive at your app listing and leave immediately – or worse, download one of your competitors. A/B Testing A/B testing and optimization, in general, are an ongoing part of mobile success. Every element needs to be tested effectively and optimized. Product Consulting Top mobile media companies won’t just take what you give them and run with it. Rather, they become a mobile media partner, consulting on product changes that can be made that will boost downloads, engagement, retention and other key metrics. Creative Production Standing out is key. There are millions of apps out there, and it’s good creative assets that can make you stand out from the rest. On the very basic level, your app listing and ad creatives have to look professional and trustworthy. To be the best, however, they also have to stand out, tell a story, and show imagination and ingenuity. Video Production A subset of creative production, video production is so important because video generally converts better than still images. Video is also a great way to show off different elements of your app or product, such as in-game gameplay, unique features, or how to use it. Social Management In today’s world, potential users are going to check you out on social media before they go ahead and take any action. It’s therefore critical to show a strong, well-crafted social presence, one that is up-to-date, savvy and smart. Mobile Media Solutions While some companies look to get their mobile media services done in-house, most companies – including the world’s biggest brands – prefer to engage the services of a full-service media company. A mobile media agency offers the advantages of having experts in each fieldwork as a mobile media partner to provide mobile media solutions and services to organizations. Whereas a company would have to employ experts in ASO, media buying, strategy, and creative – to name just a few of the experts a top mobile media agency usually have in their team – working with a mobile media agency means that companies can concentrate on their core business. A top mobile media agency will know how to strike the balance between a consultative process, while not disrupting business or taking too much time of key executives. As opposed to in-house employees, a mobile media agency can run with what they’re experts in, while the business flourishes.


Mobile Media Agency Case Study

One of the best ways to see the effectiveness of a mobile media agency and what they can achieve for a business is through a brief case study. In this case, we’ll look at the award-winning Calm app. Calm is a meditation app that promotes peaceful and calming thoughts. It harnesses the rising trend in mindfulness and meditation apps to provide a superior experience to its users. This category on the app stores is extremely competitive, with thousands of apps out there. Calm wanted to ensure that their page in the app store would stand out from the competition. Calm reached out to Moburst to improve their ranking in the Health & Fitness category in the Apple App Store, as well as to increase discoverability and organic downloads. As a full-service media company, Moburst began by planning the strategy and approach to ensure Calm met and exceeded their business goals. Through designing new creatives, the agency crafted the story explaining what the app is about. In-depth keyword research was undertaken to create a clear and concise title and description, containing strategic keywords and phrases, and bringing awareness to Calm’s unique selling points. It’s also worth mentioning the product consulting aspect of the mobile media solutions offered. Since user reviews greatly impact discoverability in the App Store, special attention was paid to refining Calm’s 5-star mechanism. After analyzing user behavior while ranking the app across multiple data points, the perfect moment to launch the popup review was decided upon, which led to a boost in getting 5-star ratings. The results were impressive: Calm hit the top 10 results in the Health and Fitness category in the App Store, the number of keywords ranked in the top 15 positions rose by 684%, Calm’s organic installs increased by 36% within 6 months and the cumulative traffic grew by 521%. This brief case study demonstrates the benefits of engaging a top mobile media agency, especially as opposed to trying to do things in-house.

Mobile Media Partner

A top mobile media agency can do wonders for any business that offers a mobile product. A full-service media company, complete with experts in all the relevant fields, enables companies to focus on their core business while joining with a mobile media partner to turbocharge their results. Moburst, a proud full-service media company, has worked with the largest clients in the world, along with some of the most exciting startups. One thing is consistent across all of these clients: incredible results. When it comes to achieving your mobile business goals, get in touch with us to discuss your mobile success.

Team Moburst
Team Moburst
Moburst has grown from mobile-first roots to become among the most sought-after full-service digital agencies in the world. Our team is passionate about helping companies achieve hypergrowth and dominate their category.
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