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Looking to enhance their mobile promotion and generate more organic attention in the iOS App and Google Play stores, the Discovery network turned to Moburst for help in promoting their portfolio of name-brand apps. They achieved a higher conversion ratio and the lowest cost per download.
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The key mission objectives when Discovery sought ASO expertise from us were to improve discoverability for competitive keywords and phrases in app stores, as well as to bolster conversion rates after being found. With a comprehensive mobile campaign, we aimed to achieve better top 50 placements, increased keyword rankings, and growing organic downloads among other main KPIs. We are pleased to say that we successfully met all of these objectives.


Using a holistic approach, we deployed a strategy from various angles. This involved ongoing A/B testing of both visual and textual app store assets, including screenshots and preview videos. Additionally, through extensive keyword research, we successfully mapped the search landscape. Furthermore, we introduced monthly metadata description iterations as part of a continual optimization effort based on app store algorithm responses.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

By leveraging the industry's most advanced technologies, we were able to achieve several significant results, including a 365% growth in top 50 rankings, 4,600 new keyword rankings in app store queries, 226 previously unranked keywords transformed into #1 search results, and a 61% increase in organic downloads. These results delivered a combined total of nearly $5 million USD in ASO value.


In Their Words

”Moburst's level of expertise and willingness to share information speaks to how keen they were to educate us. They truly had our best interests at heart, even if it was a detriment to their business.”
Tamara Ratliff, Director of Digital Marketing

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