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More than 100 highly targeted, personalized ads were used to acquire users who would not only install the app, but also complete the registration process and use the app to pay for parking.
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Characterizing, targeting, and acquiring revenue-generating users



Pango+, a parking app having more than 1 million users, approached Moburst with two objectives: increasing their market share by acquiring new active users and reducing operational costs by encouraging customers to use the app for parking instead of calling Pango+’s call center (a legacy behavior developed before the availability of smartphone apps). Additionally, Moburst was provided with separate Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) targets for two segments: new service subscribers and existing service users who switched to using the app instead of the call center.


Moburst aimed at targeting micro-segments with distinct messaging for each. For instance, one message focused on presenting the app as the modern way of using the service for existing users, whereas another focused on portraying Pango+ as a way to avoid costly parking tickets, as well as the inconvenience of having to deal with parking meters or searching for loose change. More than 100 precisely targeted and personalized ads were used to attract users who would not just download the app but also finish the registration process and use it for paying parking fees.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

Through a diligent process of A/B testing, Moburst successfully identified audience segments that were most receptive to the app. As a result, Moburst beat Pango+’s target CPAs for both audiences, which further decreased over time by an average of 50%, increasing Pango+'s revenue stream.


In Their Words

“Moburst brought us high quality users that not only installed the app, but also registered and eventually became paying users."
Irit Goldberg, Marketing Manager

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