Israel Mobile Summit 2018 Summary

Maria Kofler
Maria Kofler 13 June 2018
Israel Mobile Summit 2018 Summary

As everyone in the mobile industry knows, the spring brings with it an abundance of global conferences and summits. This is especially true in Israel, which is the home for many companies who develop and do marketing for mobile apps and technologies. This is why the Israel Mobile Summit, although not one of the big ones, bears an importance in the mobile world. The Israel Mobile Summit 2018 was held in Tel-Aviv, the heart of Israel’s industry, and brought together developers, media companies, app studios, brands and agencies from across the mobile marketing landscape, for an insightful and fun event with excellent networking opportunities.

Who Was There?

We know that the mobile market is super dynamic, with new innovations and often daily changes. Having said that, it was rather surprising to notice that this year, unlike the previous ones, many of the steady and regular sponsors were missing, and we couldn’t see the booths of veteran Israeli companies. They were there, however minimized their presence. Why is that? First, the split between two conferences, Tel-Aviv and Madrid, forced some companies to consider their participation costs. Another reason could be the changes we have seen to the ad network industry during the last year – fraud and consolidation. As the industry matures and clients become more fraud-savvy and sophisticated , there is less room for smaller networks which often acted as “cookie cutters” in the media supply chain. This caused many of the smaller networks to close shop or sell to the larger, tech-heavy media companies which can facilitate all these new requirements.    All in all, this made room for new brands and foreign companies to shine under the spotlight, and expose their opportunity in Israel Mobile Summit.

What Did We Discuss?

As the mobile industry is vibrant and dynamic, its focus constantly changes. A few years ago we could hear almost nothing but ASO all around, and this year I was almost afraid to mention it. Burst campaigns are also disappearing from the public arena, as both store’s algorithm makes it very hard to see ROI from such traffic, and therefore more and more companies understand they need to reallocate their funds towards more lucrative marketing campaigns. The main agenda of the summit focused on latest news and trends in user acquisition, monetization, retention/engagement, re-engagement as well as data science & analytics. Many of the panels and discussions surrounded what is perhaps the hottest subject in the mobile industry nowadays – anti fraud prevention technologies.


What really attracted the attention on the conference is the panel discussions about fraud and how it influence nowadays on the UA campaigns. The representatives of big companies (some which happen to be our clients ), such as Gett and Appsflyer, shared their best practices on how to fight the fraud and how to cope with fraud through technology. At the end of the day, the party allowed for some more chilled environment which helps create partnerships and understandings. What came out crystal clear from it is that the entire industry shares the same challenges, and I was happy to discover that we are definitely ahead in many fields but we must keep on learning and adapting to the changes in our roller-coaster industry

Maria Kofler
Maria Kofler
Maria is a Senior Media Buyer and has a wide experience in Media Buy field, managing different types of campaigns in different verticals and platforms, starting from networking and finishing at Programmatic technologies. She loves finding innovative ways to make life better and scale KPI's. Credo " never stop evolving your life"
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