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Moburst Ltd. Corporate Accessibility Arrangements (hereinafter: “Moburst”)

Moburst makes major effort and invests significant resources in order to provide all customers with fair, respectful, accessible and professional service. Pursuant to the Law for Equal Rights for Disabled Persons 5758 - 1998 and the regulations enacted thereof, much effort and resources are invested in the performance of the requisite accessibility adjustments that will enable a person with a disability to receive the services provided to all customers, in an independent and fair manner.

Website Accessibility

An accessible website is a website that enables persons with disabilities or the elderly to surf with the same level of efficiency and satisfaction as all visitors, as 20 to 25 percent of the population have difficulty in using websites and could benefit from more accessible internet content, this according to research conducted in the 2003 year by the Microsoft Corporation.

The Moburst Company believes in and works toward equal opportunity in the Internet sphere for persons with various disabilities and persons who use aiding technology when using a computer.

Information Regarding Site Accessibility

  • This site complies with the regulations for Equal Rights for Handicapped Persons (Adapted Service accessibility), 5773 2013.
  • The adapting of the accessibility was conducted pursuant to the recommendation of the Israeli Standard (IS 5568) for accessibility to Internet Content at an AA level and the International WCAG2.0 document.
  • Tests were conducted for the highest level of compliance to the Chrome browser.
  • The site provides a semantic structure for aiding technology and support for the format of accepted use of a keyboard with the arrow and Enter keys and ESC for leaving the menus and windows.
  • It is adapted for display on common browsers and use on a cellular telephone.
  • In order to achieve the best surfing experience with a software the reads the screen, we recommend using the latest NVDA software version.
  • Documents or video clips that were uploaded prior to October 2017 may not be completely accessible. In the event that you encounter such a file or clip, you can contact the accessibility coordinator at [email protected] and we will be sure to make the data accessible to you.
  • Provision of data in an accessible format - the Company provides its customers with the option to receive data in accessible formats. The submission of the data is at no cost and is designed for persons with disabilities. For requests and data regarding accessibility one can contact the company’s accessibility coordinator whose details appear in the declaration below.

Examination and Advise Regarding Accessibility was Executed by the A2Z Accessibility and Marketing Company \

Submission of requests and proposals regarding accessibility

One should note that we continue in our efforts to improve the Company’s accessibility as part of our obligation to enable the entire population including persons with disabilities to obtain the most accessible service.

In the event that you are confronted with a problem or failure of any kind regarding accessibility, we would be pleased if you would inform us of this and we will make every effort to find a suitable solution and fix the problem inasmuch as this is possible.

Details of the Moburst Ltd. Accessibility Coordinator

Publication of the Accessibility Declaration

The Accessibility Declaration was updated on the: 14th September 2022