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Optimizing an app for discoverability across ten different languages is hardly an easy task. However, with the help of Moburst's localization and ASO efforts, Uber was able to achieve higher indexing for extremely competitive keywords and phrases on a global scale.
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27% Growth in Organic Downloads in Just 90 Days!



When the industry-leading ride-sharing app Uber came looking for directions, their desired destination was achieving higher app store visibility on an international scale.


Realizing that adapting a campaign for cultural relevance requires more than just simple language translations, we employed a comprehensive localization strategy that included a native keyword strategy for ten different languages. The keywords were continually optimized based on data analytics.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

Thanks to our high-performance approach, we were able to achieve a 27% increase in organic downloads within just 90 days.


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“As a large company, we appreciate how Moburst helps us continue to innovate and provide technical solutions to keep us at the forefront of the industry.”
Ezra Mosseri, Head of Growth

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