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Within a short period of time, Fattal's app reached the number one position for the competitive keyword "Travel" and secured the third spot in Apple's list of top free apps.
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The mobile media campaign that yielded 10 times ROI!



The hotel giant, Fattal, aimed to generate buzz around its new mobile application, "Yala," and rank it among the top apps list available on app stores. The product required significant improvements to achieve this goal, and it called for an intense media strategy to stand out in the app stores' highly competitive "Travel" section.


Moburst utilized a successful approach with product refinement and strategic media buying for Yala. To begin with, we initiated a 48-hour "burst campaign" immediately after launching the app. This intensive media buying strategy aided Yala in ascending to the "top free apps" list, resulting in increased organic downloads. To sustain the application's triumph, Moburst persisted with hyper-targeted media buying and launched extensive campaigns during potent occasions, such as holidays.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

In a brief span of time, Fattal's app secured the top-ranking for the competitive keyword "Travel," and the third position on Apple's list of top free apps. Consequently, Yala witnessed a significant rise in organic downloads. Further remarkable outcomes included a CPI by Fattal, which was over 50% lower than anticipated, and Moburst's overall media activity which generated a 10-fold return on investment.


In Their Words

“Moburst was an essential partner in Yala’s success, starting from launch and maximizing ROI for any given budget. Moburst brought us a large number of high quality users, optimizing throughout the funnel from clicking on the banner all the way to booking the hotel.”
Nadav Fattal, Digital Marketing Manager

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