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The positive social buzz turned Menta into the go-to convenience brand for young drivers.
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An app-free mobile campaign that delivered 15 times ROI!



Delek Menta, one of Israel’s largest gas station and convenience store chains, wanted to launch the company's summer edition of smoothies. Delek Menta aimed to target young drivers through mobile, without launching a branded app, and to create a viral impact that would translate into massive sales.


Eye-catching ads drew users to a playful page that allowed them to create a virtual smoothie by dragging fruit into a blender and shaking their smartphone to blend them together. After creating the smoothie, users were invited to send a coupon for a free smoothie to their friends, which also provided them with a free one, creating a viral loop.
delivery and results

Delivery and results

The campaign garnered 16 million views and generated 27K direct coupons. The brand’s physical locations were bustling with traffic, resulting in 390K in sales. The positive social buzz transformed Menta into the preferred convenience brand for young drivers.


In Their Words

"Our collaboration with Moburst was the most profitable move we could have made. Moburst helped introduce our product and brand to a new audience without the need for a long-term business app."
Guy Edri, Marketing Manager

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