Moburst Celebrates 10 Years of Marketing Innovation: Our Top 10 Client Success Stories

Gilad Bechar
Gilad Bechar
Lior Eldan 19 December 2023
Moburst Celebrates 10 Years of Marketing Innovation:  Our Top 10 Client Success Stories

Over the last ten years, Moburst has grown from a spark of an idea into an award-winning, full-service mobile and digital marketing agency

Through the ups and downs, including the COVID-19 pandemic and ever-changing economic landscapes, we’ve not just survived; we’ve thrived. 

Throughout this journey, our global team has had the privilege of collaborating with over 600 unique products and brands, each presenting its own set of trials and triumphs. 

By partnering with renowned brands like Google, Uber, and Samsung and empowering businesses to become leaders in their category, we’ve mastered the power of innovative, data-driven marketing strategies and digital marketing services that consistently deliver tangible, long-term results. 

Through our commitment to exceeding client expectations and surpassing KPIs, we’ve become the go-to marketing agency for brands looking to make a real impact in their niche.

So, as we hit our 10-year mark, we’re taking a moment to look back at some of our favorite success stories. These aren’t just case studies; they’re milestones in a journey of innovation, creativity, and marketing magic. 

Condensing ten years of client success into a single list was no easy task, but we are excited to take a trip down memory lane and explore how we’ve helped our incredible clients achieve their success. 

A Snapshot of Success: Key Highlights from Our Journey

Before we dive into our top 10 case studies, let’s first glance at some notable achievements that highlight our impact over the past decade:

Media Success

  • For subscription apps, we achieved a 75% higher ROI, an 85% increase in downloads, and a significant 50% reduction in down-funnel conversion costs.
  • In the Gaming app vertical, our average CPC is $0.07.
  • With Apple Search Ads, we maintained an average CPI (cost-per-install) of $1.98 for our US clients, and through programmatic advertising, we achieved an incredible average CPC of $0.01.
  • We saved well over 30 million dollars in media spend by successfully implementing targeted advertising and taking over past accounts that weren’t set up right based on our best practices.

Organic Growth

  • Over the course of just 3 months, our clients’ iOS apps see an average increase of 34.9% in organic search impressions. 
  • Within the initial 6 months of implementing our App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy, our clients experience an impressive average of 32% growth in organic downloads.
  • We saved our CRO (conversion rate optimization) clients more than $250m in media spending!
  • The overall average increase in our clients’ ranked keywords was 497% in 3 months, expanding to 1176% over 6 months.

Influencer Marketing & UGC Impact

  • We achieved an average total of 512% increase in brand awareness for our clients through targeted influencer marketing campaigns.
  • We’ve generated over 10,000 pieces of user-generated content for various clients.
  • We have assisted numerous brands in achieving a remarkable surge of more than 54% in positive sentiment towards their brand online.
  • We’ve partnered with many types of influencers to boost our clients’ brand visibility online, increasing their sales by an average of over 150%.

At Moburst, our dedication to our clients’ success knows no bounds. 

But don’t just take our word for it. It’s time to shine the spotlight on some of our most impactful case studies.

Each of these stories exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional results and showcases the diversity and scope of our work. 

From enhancing app visibility to driving significant growth, these case studies represent a snapshot of our journey in empowering brands and businesses over the past decade.

#1 Shopkick – Overcoming Industry Challenges

Shopkick‘s case study serves as a notable example of overcoming industry challenges. Amidst the 2020 pandemic, Shopkick faced a critical challenge due to declining in-store shopping and soaring cost-per-install (CPI) costs. 


In a world turning away from physical retail, Shopkick’s reliance on app installs and in-store experiences demanded a swift, strategic pivot. Our goal was to assist Shopkick in navigating these challenges by significantly lowering their CPI.


Our collaborative effort focused on reinventing Shopkick’s mobile ad campaigns, a journey that led us to the untapped potential of TikTok. 

  • After initial setbacks, our teams pivoted to produce more genuine, user-centric content, moving away from conventional mobile ads. 

This strategic shift not only increased user engagement and retention but also successfully attracted a new, vibrant demographic.

Delivery and Results

The campaign’s transformation delivered remarkable results in just two months:

  • A dramatic 87% reduction in CPI
  • Cost-per-registration (CPR) slashed by 89%
  • An impressive 86% decrease in cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

These metrics not only signify a substantial boost in campaign efficiency but also highlight the long-term advantages of embracing TikTok. The platform helped in attracting a new, active user base for Shopkick, characterized by significantly higher retention rates. This is a critical metric for app store rankings, showcasing the power of an effective app store optimization (ASO) strategy.

This campaign was a testament to how strategic, platform-specific content can revitalize user acquisition and foster sustainable growth, even amid unprecedented marketing challenges.

#2 Redefine Meat – Generating Demand

Redefine Meat is an innovative food tech brand that offers plant-based, new-meat products that feature the same memorable taste, texture, and aroma of meat without compromise. 


Redefine Meat sought Moburst’s expertise to launch their innovative plant-based meat products in four European markets. Since the products were not yet commercially available, the key challenge was to build brand recognition and cultivate a large customer base, setting the stage for restaurants and retailers to embrace Redefine Meat’s offerings.

Redefine Meat website


To achieve these goals, Moburst took a multi-faceted approach. 

  • The first step was to generate brand awareness and a loyal customer base despite their products not being commercially available. 

Through a hyper-targeted lead-generation campaign, we generated a “wait list” of over 50K potential customers in each country who couldn’t wait to taste new-meat products. 

  • Then, we targeted the restaurant owners and retailers who would benefit from serving Redefine Meat’s products, showing them the thousands of potential consumers they could sell to through the virtual queue that was created in the lead campaign. 

This brilliant strategy created high demand for Redefine Meat’s B2B and B2C target audiences.

  • While these campaigns were running, Moburst ran a large-scale, broader awareness campaign that featured an engaging array of visual assets designed to catch the consumer’s attention and generate interest in Redefine Meat’s game-changing products. 

Delivery and Results

Our efforts were met with extraordinary success. 

  • We launched a TikTok channel that attracted almost 16 million video views and 38,000 followers in just 60 days. On Facebook, the campaign achieved over 82.5 million impressions and 1.5 million engagements, an increase of over 15,000%.
  • Additionally, a subscriber waiting list of more than 50,000 potential customers was established, eagerly anticipating the product launch.

Not only did these results demonstrate our success, but the campaign’s effectiveness was also highly acknowledged within the marketing industry – winning prestigious awards in recognition our work, including:

#3 Samsung – Enhancing App Store Visibility

Samsung, a global leader in technology, engaged Moburst to elevate its Galaxy App Store. 


The primary objectives were to enhance brand recognition, amplify app downloads, and boost revenues. 

This project aimed to leverage the vast user base of over 70.2 million Samsung devices in the U.S., focusing on promoting the personalization features unique to Galaxy devices, such as Fonts and Themes stores​.

Samsung Case Study


Moburst employed a nuanced, multi-channel strategy, identifying specific audience segments to tailor campaigns effectively.

This approach included directing gamers to the gaming section of the store and engaging Galaxy enthusiasts with the ‘Made for Samsung’ section. 

  • Additionally, campaigns for advanced design enthusiasts showcased the customization capabilities of Galaxy phones, highlighting the diverse range of fonts and themes available​.

Delivery and Results

The campaign’s success was evident in its impressive outcomes.

  • Downloads surged by 79%, revenues increased by 39%, and the Galaxy App Store’s Facebook page followers skyrocketed by 1400%. 
  • Our fruitful collaboration with Samsung has also earned us the prestigious “Best Brand Awareness Campaign” award from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in NYC. We were recognized for our efforts in promoting Samsung Galaxy Apps.

These results underscore the effectiveness of Moburst’s micro-segmentation and personalized advertising strategies in driving significant growth in app store engagement and revenue.

#4 Uber – Mastering App Localization

Uber, the renowned ride-sharing giant, approached Moburst with a specific goal: to amplify their app’s visibility on an international scale. 

Facing the challenge of standing out in a highly competitive market, Uber needed a strategy that would boost their app’s discoverability across various global app stores.


The core objective was clear – we needed to enhance Uber’s app store visibility internationally. This entailed not just increasing the app’s presence but ensuring it ranked highly for key search terms in different regions and languages.

Uber Case Study


Moburst adopted a comprehensive localization and App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy. This involved more than mere translation; it required a native keyword strategy tailored to ten different languages. 

  • By continually optimizing these keywords based on data analytics, Moburst aimed to make the Uber app more relevant and accessible to diverse cultural contexts.

Delivery and Results

The results of this strategic approach were significant. Within just 90 days, Uber experienced a 27% increase in organic downloads. This growth was a direct result of higher indexing for competitive keywords and phrases globally, demonstrating the effectiveness of our localized ASO efforts.

This case study exemplifies our ability to navigate the complexities of international app markets, achieving remarkable success in enhancing app visibility and organic download rates.

#5 Reddit – Optimizing for Organic Growth

Having launched their mobile app, Reddit turned to Moburst for their expertise in driving organic growth and replicating the success of their website.


Facing the challenge of differentiating the official Reddit app amidst a myriad of third-party apps on iOS and Google Play, and considering Reddit’s diverse range of subreddits, the key objective was to stand out in an environment with limited space for keywords and metadata phrases​.


Moburst deployed an intensive keyword research strategy, focusing specifically on mobile search trends. 

  • This approach involved identifying the most searched content themes on the App Store and Google Play. 

Utilizing proprietary tools, we continuously monitored and optimized our keyword selection and download metrics, ensuring sustained growth month over month​.

Reddit AI-Powered Ad Targeting

Delivery and Results

The results of our strategic execution were remarkable, surpassing our client’s wildest goals. 

  • In less than a year, Reddit saw a surge of over 90% in organic downloads. Additionally, more than 700 phrases related to Reddit were indexed in the top 5 rankings on the App Store.
  • Notably, the app ranked in the top 5 for highly trafficked keywords like “Meme,” “Memes,” “GIF,” and “GIFs,” demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted ASO strategy.

#6 Calm – Reaching the Top 10 in App Store Rankings 

Calm is a leading meditation and wellness app that offers users a serene and effective way to enhance their mental health. Known for its wide array of features including guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music, Calm caters to a growing global audience seeking mindfulness and stress relief. 


Calm approached Moburst with the goal of standing out in the crowded Apple App Store’s Health & Fitness category. Amidst a rising trend in mindfulness apps, the app aimed to improve its ranking, discoverability, and encourage more organic downloads from the app store page.

Calm Case Study


Moburst crafted a unique approach to redefine Calm’s app store presence which involved:

  • Designing new creatives that effectively narrated the app’s purpose and essence. 
  • Conducting thorough keyword research, leading to a refined title and description embedded with strategic keywords and phrases, thus enhancing Calm’s unique selling points. 
  • Optimizing Calm’s 5-star rating mechanism. By analyzing user behavior and determining the optimal timing, Moburst implemented an innovative pop-up review strategy, significantly increasing the number of 5-star ratings​ for the app.

Delivery and Results

The impact of these strategies was astounding. Calm skyrocketed to the top 10 list in the highly competitive Health and Fitness category on the App Store. 

The number of keywords ranked in the top 15 positions increased by 684%, signifying a huge leap in app store visibility. Furthermore, organic installs of the Calm app grew by 36% within six months, and cumulative traffic saw a remarkable increase of 521%.

The longstanding results of our efforts are still apparent to this day, with Calm maintaining its position as one of the top mindfulness apps on the market. 

#7 Discovery – Increasing App Store Presence 

The Discovery Network, celebrated for its captivating range of educational and entertainment content, ventured into boosting its mobile app presence. Renowned for engaging audiences on television and digital platforms, Discovery sought to replicate this impact within the mobile app sector, aiming to adapt to changing media consumption trends and uphold its industry leadership.


Discovery’s goal was to elevate their mobile apps’ promotion and organic presence on both the App Store and Play Store, focusing on achieving higher app store conversion ratios and reducing the cost per download. Their key mission was to improve discoverability for competitive keywords and phrases, enhance conversion rates post-discovery, and secure better app store rankings.

Discovery Network Case Study


Moburst’s comprehensive approach included ongoing A/B testing of app store assets, such as app screenshots and preview videos, extensive keyword research to map out the search landscape effectively, and monthly metadata description iterations for continual optimization in tune with app store algorithms.

Delivery and Results

The results of our efforts were remarkable:

  • The app saw a 365% growth in the top 50 app store rankings
  • We introduced 4,600 new keyword rankings in app store queries, transforming 226 unranked keywords into the top search results
  • We achieved a significant 61% increase in organic downloads, culminating in nearly $5 million USD in ASO value.

#8 Pfizer – Boosting Awareness

Pfizer, a global leader in biopharmaceuticals, ventured into the mobile app domain with an educational objective. They aimed to create awareness about Growth Hormone Deficiency in children and offer a solution through their mobile app, iGrow.


Pfizer’s primary goals with the iGrow app were to dominate the App Store’s top charts, generate widespread awareness among parents, and significantly boost organic downloads. This initiative was crucial in educating and providing a valuable resource for parents concerned about their children’s growth.


To achieve these objectives, Moburst employed a strategic 48-hour media burst campaign, utilizing platforms like Facebook, Google, and various mobile ad networks. The campaign featured engaging banners targeted specifically at parents of young children, promoting the iGrow app as a valuable tool for tracking children’s growth.

Delivery and Results

The campaign proved to be a great success, propelling iGrow to the top three most downloaded free apps on the App Store in just 48 hours. 

  • The surge in awareness translated into a significant increase in organic downloads. 
  • During the paid campaign phase, the cost per install (CPI) was halved compared to the average market cost, thanks to the effective hyper-segmentation strategy employed.

#9 Upside – Transforming App Performance in a Competitive Market

In the highly competitive realm of cashback and couponing apps, Upside sought to stand out by seeking Moburst’s assistance to elevate its brand presence and increase organic downloads for their app, Cashback Chronicles. This move was essential for Upside to distinguish itself in a crowded market and achieve substantial growth.


The primary goal was to amplify the visibility of the Cashback Chronicles app, increase organic downloads, and enhance conversion rates. Moburst set out to develop a user-centric conversion rate optimization strategy targeting mobile users aged 25-55 with interests in travel, personal finance, value shopping, new tech, and food and drink.


Moburst’s plan encompassed conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing and app store optimization (ASO). This included conducting screenshots and video testing, with a dedicated budget for each A/B test on Facebook. 

  • The campaigns were designed to target broad and specific interest-based audiences. Creative differentiation was maintained between media testing and Facebook ads to avoid bias. 

To determine the effectiveness of our strategy, we used measurement tools like AppTweak, SplitMetics, and the app stores’ internal metrics.

Delivery and Results

The campaign achieved impressive results. 

  • The first ABC test’s winning creative improved the click-to-install rate by 10.4%, and the top video variation further boosted this rate by 9.2%
  • These enhancements led to a 19.7% reduction in the cost per download in the first quarter alone, resulting in an estimated $16 million in media savings. 
  • Additionally, the App Store visibility score increased by 13%, and the Google Play Store score by 28%

Due to this success, the iOS app also received multiple features on the App Store, significantly increasing its visibility.

This case study showcases how leveraging targeted, data-driven strategies can significantly improve app performance and market position.

#10 Reflectly – Maximizing App Store Success

Reflectly, an app designed to aid personal reflection and mindfulness, embarked on a journey to enhance its presence in the competitive app market. The aim was to strengthen its foothold by increasing its visibility and attractiveness to potential users.


Reflectly’s mission was to boost its competitive keyword count, improve category rankings, and enhance overall visibility on the App Store. A key aspect of this mission was assessing the impact of Apple Search Ads on these crucial metrics.



Moburst took a strategic approach, starting with restructuring Reflectly’s Apple Search Ads (ASA) efforts to align with Apple’s best practices. 

This restructuring was pivotal for scaling ASA campaigns more efficiently in the future. Additionally, in-depth research led to a shift towards localized targeting, which was found to be more effective than global targeting. The focus was thus redirected to optimizing for the US and English-speaking countries.

Delivery Results

The results that were achieved in under two months were striking:

  • Reflectly saw a 122% increase in the Top 50 Keywords in the App Store and an astounding 1,153% increase in the Top 50 Keywords for Google Play Store. 
  • Moreover, the average cost for “trial converted” was reduced by over $19, and the Return on Investment (ROI) increased by over 5%, despite the traditionally high costs of paid media.

Moburst’s proficiency in leveraging app store optimization and targeted advertising strategies significantly boosted the app’s market position and visibility.

Unlock Your Brand’s Growth with Moburst

Our success stories stand as a testament to the transformative power of our strategies.

Moburst believes in building long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and a shared vision for success. We go beyond simply implementing data-driven strategies; we become an extension of your team, deeply invested in understanding your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations. Our dedicated team will craft customized solutions that deliver tangible results and empower you to achieve your long-term vision.

Our dedicated team of experts, armed with endless creativity and fueled by innovation, is ready to help you achieve long-term success!

Gilad Bechar
Gilad Bechar
Gilad Bechar is the Founder & CEO of Moburst. Gilad serves as a mentor to rising startups at Microsoft Accelerator, The Technion, Tel-Aviv University, Unit 8200 and for strategic Moburst clients, and is the Academic Director of the Mobile Marketing and New-Media course at Tel-Aviv University.
Lior Eldan
Lior Eldan is the Co-Founder & COO of Moburst. As an ASO and Mobile media expert, Lior mentors and supports startups, helping them develop and execute their mobile marketing strategies.
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