Gold & Bronze 2022 MMA Smarties Awards

Jess Ailion 13 December 2022
Gold & Bronze 2022 MMA Smarties Awards

The EMEA 2022 MMA Smarties Awards took place this month – one of Europe’s most prestigious marketing competitions – and we’re excited to announce that we won two awards. We took home, for our work for Redefine Meat, both: 

  • GOLD AWARD – Product/ Service Launch for Redefine Meat’s international launch
  • BRONZE AWARD – Short or Long Form Video for Redefine Meat’s international launch video

The awards aim to highlight the most effective modern marketing across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. They received thousands of entries globally. 

Gold & Bronze 2022 MMA Smarties Awards

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) hosts The Smarties Awards ceremony annually, aiming to honor exceptional creativity and innovation that lead to impressive results in regards to business impact.

“It’s amazing to stand alongside such a talented group of visionaries, strategize an excellent plan, and execute it to perfection. This is one of our most adventurous projects ever, as it required impacting four main audiences – restaurants and retailer owners, consumers, investors, and future employees, in six different languages” shares Gilad Bechar, CEO and Co-Founder of Moburst

Gilad resumes “We created virtual lines of consumers who pre-registered to taste Redefine Meat’s products, and leveraged them with restaurants that would benefit from this traffic if they got on board. We collaborated with Michelin star chefs who endorsed the products and produced countless corresponding pieces of content. We even hit the milestone of 250k TikTok followers in less than one year. We are incredibly proud of the brand recognition that we’ve gained for Redefine Meat, helping them over-achieve both their sales and demand KPIs. I’ll take this opportunity to thank Redefine Meat for being great partners and the immense team of more than fifty Mobursters who worked day and night on the account over the past eighteen months and helped steer this wonderful adventure.”

Moburst & Redefine Meat’s Gold MMA Award

International Competition & Judges

Our work for Redefine Meat has been recognized among such world-renowned competition, which we are immensely proud of. The awards saw thousands of international companies entering, meaning our competition included brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Fanta, McDonald’s, Vodafone, Disney+, Johnson & Johnson, Doritos, Samsung, and a vast range of other global brands. 

Our sincerest thanks go to the impressive board of judges. MMA’s assessment criteria has guaranteed impartiality and maintained industry standards by having outstanding professionals in the industry serve on its board. These include Marketing Directors and CMOs for prestigious international brands such as Marks & Spencer, Mastercard, Discovery Inc, and The Walt Disney Company. The industry’s benchmarks moving forward have now been set in place by these jurors.

Moburst’s Work for Redefine Meat

We would also like to express our thanks to our wonderful Moburst team, who’s unparalleled industry knowledge have steered the success of these marketing campaigns. Our collaborative approach to working with clients has helped Redefine Meat maximize its goals and KPIs, while ensuring we are able to best represent the brand’s mission.

The Redefine Meat team also deserves a special thanks. Their dedication during the launch period drove their success and enabled them to hit the incredible achievements recognized in these award wins. We are grateful for their hard work, invaluable skills, and true brand passion throughout the international launch process. 

Moburst team in the MMA Smarties Awards

“We are honored to accept the MMA Smarties awards. Redefine Meat began as a small food tech startup” says Yair Restatcher, Digital Marketing Manager of Redefine Meat. “We chose Moburst as our strategic partner to fulfill this mission. We’re proud to see the results of our work together recognized by our peers”.

Moburst & Redefine Meat team at the MMA Smarties Awards

What was the Competition Entry Criteria?

For the Product/ Service Launch award, we had to show evidence within the campaign of an effective customer focused launch. We then had to show the impact it had on consumer perception, growth, sales, and all other measurable forms of success. MMA were looking out for innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking. 

For the Short or Long Form Video award, we had to highlight how our video campaign for Redefine Meat was used to generate engagement and consumer demand. In addition, we had to demonstrate how we innovatively used video processes to drive fruitful business results. Our excellent Video Production team helped us execute this perfectly. 

“Winning the MMA Smarties Awards is an incredible achievement, one only made possible due to the admirable partnership between Moburst and our client Redefine Meat. The constant communication and strong collaboration between both companies is responsible for driving the campaign success” shares Noa Amit, PPC and Social Team Leader at Moburst.

Jess Ailion
Jess is Moburst's Content Marketing Manager who came to us all the way from the UK. After studying English Literature, she found herself writing about all things mobile marketing. When she's not spending her time writing, you can find her cooking for her friends or exploring new places.
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