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ASO Agency: What is it for?

Team Moburst | 10.12.21

This post was originally published 30/06/19 and updated on 10/12/21.

Why do you need an ASO agency? 3.8 billion dollars, that’s why. That’s how much TikTok’s lifetime revenue will amount to by the end of 2021. The app saw a whopping two billion dollars in the first eleven months of 2021 alone. Tinder’s 2021 revenue reached two billion dollars according to Craft. Global mobile app consumer spending amounted to approximately 133 billion dollars in 2021, according to SensorTower. Some of that could be yours if you get your app visible and ranking highly in the app stores. 

Clearly, a successful app can do extremely well. The challenge, as most app developers will agree, is in ensuring that your app is discovered amongst the noise of the 5.2 million apps on the app stores (Google Play with 3.14 million and the Apple App Store with 2.09 million).

For this, there is one thing that separates the winners from the ones that slip through the cracks. That one thing is a world-class ASO agency. Why? Read on to discover how and why getting one of the best app store optimization agencies is such a massive part of mobile success.

app store optimization

ASO Solutions

The first thing to investigate is what an ASO agency actually does – what ASO solutions it provides.

An agency’s services can often be divided into the following categories:

We’ll look at each one of these services in a bit more detail and how they affect app store optimization.


Mobile success starts with a mobile marketing strategy. An ASO agency will start by developing your Go-To Mobile Market strategy which enables you to better understand your industry and customers to achieve your goals.

Mobile strategy takes a number of high-level trends, statistics and positioning questions into account. This will include competitors in the space, your target audience, customer journeys, benchmarks, insights, market data and more.

Aso Agency

It will result in a clearly defined value proposition, target audience and will outline clear and achievable steps to successfully attaining your KPIs.


Next comes Product. The best ASO Agency will not just take your product and attempt to market it. Rather, they will add tons of value in terms of refining your product, making small yet significant changes to achieve maximum results. Changes can include anything from your screenshot images in your app store page listing to your brand’s tone, look and feel. It’s incredibly useful having an outside and expert opinion guide your brand.

This will also involve expertise regarding A/B testing, as well as user behavior and psychology.


When it comes to standing out from 5.2 million other apps, clearly a “DIY” job isn’t going to cut it. A great ASO agency will provide cutting-edge creative forces for your app, and ensure users take note.

Great creative work combines a unique combination of strategic storytelling and creative flair, which results in powerful, influential stories for the right audience. Everything from your logo to your app store screenshots can be taken from dull and forgettable, to memorable and awesome. The best app store optimization services will provide all of this and more.

ASO Services

ASO services is where the magic really happens. Users invariably go through the app stores to access apps. This is the final launching pad to app store success – or failure. It’s all about discovery, being found among the other apps out there and ensuring that your app will be the first to be seen by prospective users.

Your app store presence is critical to your success, as has been proven time and time again. An ASO agency will ensure that your app store presence is on point. Including both the major ASO requirements, as well as the little tricks only the true experts are aware of. It will have in-depth knowledge of both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, with their differing requirements and user habits. 

app store optimization

Conversion rate otpimization will also be a service offered by leading ASO agencies to ensure you’re optimizing the chance of users converting at every step of their journey through the app store funnel. When a user organically “finds” your app, you have to work hard to convert them. When a user is searching for an app like yours, with high intent, your conversion rates will be much higher.

If you want to boost discoverability, increase conversions, minimize media spend and increase organic downloads, an ASO agency is the partner to turn to. 

Holistic ASO success is when everything works together seamlessly. Once all elements come together, you have a powerful engine running smoothly on all cylinders that will drive you to mobile app success.

To learn more about ASO, check out our ultimate App Store Optimization guide.

Media Buying

Generally speaking, not all downloads are going to come about organically, which is why media buying is important. Paid media has a massive part to play in app success. In order to ensure that you aren’t wasting your precious budgets, an ASO agency will be able to assist in getting the most out of every dollar spent.

A well run paid campaign will shoot your app to the top of the App Store charts, and result in many more organic downloads – essentially multiplying the power of your media budgets! Mobile ads and burst campaigns will send your app a long way – the paid downloads they increase will in turn generate more organic downloads due to a more visible app store presence. 

Design and Development

This service requires mastering both art and data to help get your app noticed. Crafting an outstanding digital and mobile experience, where both web and app are seamlessly integrated, will take your business to a whole new level. The best ASO agencies will have a dedicated team of experts to ensure your app is offering the best user experience possible. 

With the UX in top shape, your app’s engagement and retention rates will soar, which will consequently boost your app revenue. 

app UX design

Video Production

Both the Google Play Store and the App Store provide the opportunity to show an app preview video/ app promo video to highlight your app’s best features and USPs. The chance to showcase your app in video form is super beneficial when considering the power video has to convert users compared to any other marketing format. 

Another marketing tool for apps is an explainer video whereby you explain how your app or service works using video to make it as clear as possible.

Leading ASO agencies will walk you through the best options for your business and how to utilize them for maximum app growth. 

Influencer Marketing

A newer service in the realm, influencer marketing has taken off in the last few years and the benefits it can bring to your app are not to be ignored. Top ASO agencies will offer this service as part of a holistic approach to mobile marketing, where influencers can be used to bring increased brand awareness and conversions for your app. 

Building an influencer marketing campaign requires. intense understanding of the industry, from how to reach out to influencers to what to include in the brief. Leave it to the professionals to stand any chance of success. 

influencer marketing

The Right ASO Company

There are many ASO agencies out there. How do you choose the right ASO company? Here are some key elements to look at when selecting the right App Store Optimization company for you:

  • Customers
  • Awards
  • Results
  • Expertise


Who are their customers? Do you recognize any big names? Are there testimonials and reviews?

For us at Moburst, we’ve seen first hand how much value an ASO agency with expertise can offer. It’s one of the reasons the biggest names in the world such as Samsung, Uber and Google have trusted us as their ASO agency.

Samsung, for example, chose Moburst to help grow its app store in the US, known as ‘Galaxy Apps’. With over 70.2 million Samsung devices in the US, the goal was to increase downloads, retention, and revenue from the Galaxy App Store. Additionally, a heavy focus was set out on promoting the personalization features of the Galaxy device, such as Fonts and Themes stores.

As Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store Manager put it:

“It was fascinating to see how fast our brand awareness grew among users, which translated to an increase in engagement, downloads, retention and of course 2013 revenue. This was made possible thanks to a clear and positive communication, as well as on-the-spot response from Moburst throughout the entire work process.”


Has this ASO company or ASO agency won awards? Is it acknowledged as one of the best when it comes to an ASO agency?

Moburst is honored to have been noticed and praised by the industry countless times. We’re incredibly proud to have been named the best mobile marketing agency for 2019, selected as “Top 3 Mobile Agencies Worldwide” by Clutch, to have won Most Effective App Install Campaign at the 2021 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, and won App Leader of the Year at the 2021 App Growth Awards. A glance through our blogs will show the expertise we have gathered after launching so many apps to massive success.

The industry is competitive, so look out for an App Store Optimization company that has won awards and accolades for their work.


Look for solid numbers, such as “we increased conversions by X%”. But, be aware of vague claims.

Results truly speak for themselves. When taking a look at one of our clients, Mailwise’s app store screenshots, the differences are immediately noticeable. After we strategically picked app features to highlight, our creative team did what they do best – create beautiful and captivating screenshots that align with the brand’s creative tone.

The first row shows the original screenshots, and the second row illustrates the ones we designed. The results? Our app store screenshots increased the conversion rate from 14% to 28%.

Aso Agency


Is the ASO company a thought leader? Check their blogs or guest articles they’ve written. Do you sense an in-depth understanding of the industry?

Choosing the right ASO agency is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. When you make the right choice upfront, you will be rewarded many times over in terms of building a wonderful relationship and achieving mobile app success.


What is an ASO agency?

An ASO agency can be responsible for your entire ASO campaign. In layman’s terms, that means they’re responsible for your app’s organic growth. This requires expert knowledge of how each app store’s algorithm works to know precisely which features need optimizing for ultimate success. They generally conduct keyword research to optimize app titles, subtitles and descriptions, A/B test creatives, conduct a competitor analysis and product analysis among many other things. All of these are done with the aim of increasing your app’s conversions and lowering its CPI.

How much does ASO generally cost?

This differs depending on the agency, the scope of work and many other factors. ASO can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. It also depends on if you’re hiring an agency or doing it alone. ASO tools cost upwards of $10,000 for a yearly subscription, and if you want any chance of beating your competition, you need access to these. That’s why an agency with access already is often the best choice, but of course while boosting your results, the cost will boost too.

How important is ASO?

ASO is one of the most crucial parts of the mobile marketing funnel. Bringing users to your app organically can be the most cost-effective way to achieve app growth because you’re not paying for each one, meaning your CPI will decrease. What’s more, there are over five million apps in the app stores. You need to optimize every possible factor to stand out from the crowd in such a competitive marketplace. ASO is what helps you rank highly in the app stores, therefore increasing your visibility, meaning people will be far more likely to download yours than a lower ranking competitor.

What does app optimization mean?

App optimization refers to the optimization of an app and it’s app store listing to increase its ranking and visibility in the app stores. Following an increased ranking and higher visibility, your app will start to see more installs and a lower CPI. App optimization also requires the app to be optimized so that users don’t quickly abandon it and boost the churn rate (a negative). App optimization can include creatives optimization, keyword optimization, user experience optimization and much more.

How long does it take for ASO to work?

As with any organic campaign, time is required to monitor the results. As such, there’s no set time for how long it takes for ASO to work. ASO requires continuous updates to be successful, smaller updates more often is a good strategy to begin with. There’s no end date with ASO because the industry and algorithms are constantly evolving. If you stop working on your ASO, your organic results will likely begin to decline. We recommend keeping ASO going as part of your campaign maintenance.

How do you make ASO?

You can employ an ASO agency to help you, or you can do it yourself. To do it yourself, you’ll need to brush up on your knowledge around keywords, industry trends, app store algorithms, A/B testing tools and more. The best place to begin when starting ASO for your app is by learning the ranking factors for each app store’s algorithm. Once you know these, you know which factors you need to target to begin your organic growth.

App Success With an ASO Agency

When it comes to app success, it pays to engage an expert partner. Just like choosing the best doctor when you’re sick, or the best school for your kids, choosing the best ASO agency pays off.

It might be tempting to try and do things yourself, perhaps cut corners here and there. There are too many good apps out there today that you’re competing with for this strategy to work. If you feel like you have a winning app, it deserves to have a winning ASO agency behind it.

When it comes to your app, get an ASO agency with expertise onboard. Only a top-notch agency can provide you with the top-notch results you deserve. If you want to benefit from the $70 billion being generated by the tops apps in the App Stores, there’s no better time than the present.

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