How to Build the Right Influencer Campaign

Jonathan Muschel Jonathan Muschel | 16.1.19

Influencer marketing has become a critical part of successful brands’ marketing strategies. Whether major influencers like DJ Khaled on Snapchat, or micro bloggers in a Mom’s group, influencer marketing has caught the imagination of companies everywhere.

Building the right influencer campaign is about a lot more than calling up a celeb and handing over tons of money. We’ll take a look at how to build the right influencer campaign.

Set Your Goals

Like with any successful campaigns, it all starts with your business goals. Are you launching a new product? Expanding into a new market space? Perhaps it’s website visits you’re after, conversions, brand awareness or sales of a product or service.

All of these mean that the nature of your campaign will be slightly different, from the medium to the message to the influencer themselves. A successful influencer campaign is built around a holistic message where all of these elements work together seamlessly to provide a genuine, authentic, and compelling message to your fans.

Once your priorities and goals are set, you’re ready to move to the next stage of influencer marketing.


Choose Your Influencer Carefully

The right influencer for your brand and goals will have to resonate with your fans, but will also have to be able to deliver on the goals you’ve just set. Questions to ask yourself at this point include:

  • Is this influencer someone that my customers and fans respect and are engaged with?
  • Does this influencer have the reach I require?
  • Am I going to have to expend resources in amplifying the influencer’s reach to ensure the message doesn’t miss my target audience?
  • Which platforms are they strongest on?
  • Which platforms are my target audiences most engaged with?
  • How aggressive do I want to be in pushing my product or service?

If your brand is a cooking product for example, and your target audience is working Moms who need to prepare dinner quickly, then the relevant platforms would probably be Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Influencers would likely be food and lifestyle bloggers on these platforms. It’s helpful to get an understanding of the type of accounts your target audience follow, and specific influencers if possible. Additionally, you should make sure the influencers prior content matches your brand’s image. If they’ve promoted things your stakeholders would find off brand, you should keep looking for another influencer that’s a perfect fit.

From an app perspective, the type of influencer and platform will vary depending on the contents of your app. The above applies just as much for an app like a physical product.

Reach Out The Right Way

Once you’ve identified the right influencer for your campaign, it’s time to reach out. This is a lot easier than many people think. Influencers understand that brands will be reaching out to them – after all, this is what they do. So don’t be intimidated by influencers with a large following, they are waiting for your message!

It’s best not to reach out “cold”. First, engage a bit with the influencer. Like or share some of their posts, comment to show that you’re interested in what they do. When you do reach out, try not start with “So, how much?”. I recommend mentioning your shared passion, and a little bit about what you do and why you do it. Generally, the conversation will turn towards working together to achieve your goals.

Keep Track Of KPIs

Once your campaign is up and running, measuring and managing are key. Have very clear action steps and KPIs set up with your influencer, and share the results of these on a regular basis to keep them engaged. A good way to track results is through attribution partners. They allow you to place a link that tracks the source of the install so you can have a good assessment of conversions and success rates. And of course, you can ask to see impressions data from the influencer directly.

My biggest advice is to always be working hard to keep the influencer invested in the outcome of your campaign. No one wants to feel like a paid mercenary, so the more context, passion and information you share, the better. Keep it brief of course, as your influencer will be busy recommending your product to their army of followers!

Influencer Marketing – An Important Tool

While influencer marketing is an important tool in your overall strategy, it cannot be relied upon exclusively to get the results you’re looking for. For example, if they recommend your app, but when you search for it on the store it has bad ratings and poor screenshots, you will have wasted a lot of money with little to show for it.

When it comes to a holistic digital marketing strategy, get in touch with the best. Just head over to Moburst to find out more, and get your successful marketing campaign up and running in no time.


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