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Set yourself up for iOS 15 App Store success

Let Moburst help you maximize your App Store marketing efforts and capitalize on all the new opportunities made available by Apple’s newest release
Mobile Strategy

Unlock different funnels for both organic and paid campaigns

With iOS 15, you can create unique user acquisition flows based on audience type. No longer are you limited to the same App Store product page for different forms of traffic. Craft unique App Store experiences for different demographics, including based on who they are, where they are, and how they find you. Get granular with your creatives, and leave no stone unturned.
  • Test three variations of product pages at the same time for organic traffic
  • Create up to 35 different product pages for different paid traffic campaigns
  • Localize App Store product pages faster for more scalable campaigns

More ways than ever to get creative

Leverage the power to drive targeted traffic to specific App Store product pages with ads, screenshots, and other creatives tailored specifically to each audience segment. Give your campaigns greater continuity, from first impression right through to download. Create more compelling and relevant experiences that match your users’ intent perfectly.

Emdee - telemedicine app

The marvels of modern medical technology or the comfort of a familiar face? We tested both approaches to see which screenshot concept resonated better with users of telemedicine app, Emdee.

Food network - streaming app

Who says there’s no accounting for taste? It was a showdown of mouthwatering imagery versus the channel’s most recognizable programs in this screenshot test for Discovery’s Food Network app.

TLC - streaming app

A great screenshot gallery is all a matter of perspective. Not surprisingly, that’s what we set out to determine in this portrait versus landscape orientation test for Discovery’s TLC app.

The chosen - jesus story show streaming app

We put screenshot galleries featuring both streaming services and biblical themes head-to-head to see which would deliver the most results for Christian entertainment app, The Chosen.

Audible - audiobooks and podcasts

Learning whether its streaming services or vast collection of stories was the bigger driver of downloads was the focus of this screenshot test for online audiobook provider, Audible.

No see you - mobile security app

We set out ot unlock the secret behind the bigger driver of downloads, pitting real-life photography against vibrant illustrations in this screenshot test for privacy vault app, NoSeeYou.

Peasy - toll payment app

Understanding whether relatable real-life imagery or brand-driven illustrations fuels more downloads was just one of the many screenshot tests we ran for online toll road payment app, Peasy.

Travel fairy - traveling itinerari AI app

Showing an app in action or displaying the ease in which it works? These were two of the concepts we tested to find out which generated more installs for AI-powered travel planning app, Travel Fairy.

True a social group chatting app

Spotlighting its key features versus imagery of relatable real people were the primary variables in this screenshot test for group chatting app, True.

Abide - christian meditation app

Its therapeutic benefits versus the spiritual gains to be had, were compared to determine the bigger motivation to download in this screenshot test for bible-based meditation app, Abide.

Golf slam - golf game

Signature gameplay aspects, such as unique avatars and irreverent courses, squared off to determine the bigger driver of downloads in this screenshot test for mobile golf gaming app, Golf Slam.

Nimblerx - ordering prescription medication to your home

A comparison of playful illustrated imagery against photography of real people, was used to uncover the bigger catalyst for downloads in this screenshot test for online prescription delivery service, NimbleRx.

Artbet - auction trivia

A contrast of cheerful gradients inspired by the brand’s color palette matched up against photography of real-life luxury items, provided the canvas for this screenshot test for mobile auction trivia game, ArtBet.


The impact of using illustrated backgrounds versus photography of real-world use cases, was the key variable examined when testing the install performance of screenshots for mobile cloud storage app, Dropbox.

Fetch - shopping rewards app

Real world photography or fun illustrations? These were the key factors we measured when determining which screenshots ring up more downloads for shopping rewards app, Fetch.

GridRewards - saving electricity

Sometimes a small difference can have a big impact on app downloads. This was the rationale behind our choice of subtle, contrasting nuances, in our screenshot test for energy saving and rewards app, GridRewards.


Business as usual with shots of UI and simple captions, or a fun and playful tone? That’s exactly what we set out to uncover in this app preview video test for shopping rewards app, Fetch.


Sometimes ASO success comes down to how one choose to see things, which is why we decided to experiment with landscape versus portrait orientations in an app preview video test for Discovery’s TLC app.


Go with the user flow, or spotlight core features and functionality? Which would be more influential in generating more downloads? These were the questions we asked ourselves before running this app preview video test for social networking app, Say.

The chosen

Experimenting with unique icon designs for the streaming series, The Chosen, including show characters, abstract patterns, or inspirational imagery.

Character from the show

Graphics from the show

Atmosphere photo


Conducting a battery of tests, from a minimal logo-centric icon design, to the brand’s own take on light mode and dark modes, for telemedicine app, Emdee.


Logo & Icon

Logo & icon in Different Colors


Seeing which way the ball bounces for HOOPS with an icon test themed around its technology, its distinct logo, and a focus on its subject matter.



Real image


Testing the effectiveness of seasonal references to winter on an icon’s design, including a nod to holiday gift giving, for shopping rewards app, Shopkick.

Seasonal 1

Seasonal 2

Seasonal 3


Triple the chances to get your ASO right!

With iOS 15 you are no longer limited to just one test at a time. Now with iOS 15, you can create and test up to three different sets of ASO product pages against a control group, simultaneously.
  • Try out a variety of unique icon design
  • Evaluate multiple meta-descriptions and texts
  • Experiment with different distinct screenshot galleries concepts
  • Test different preview videos and see which resonates most
  • Designate how much traffic gets directed to each product page

Give your user acquisition a more personal touch

Direct users to App Store product pages with more relevance to their intent, leading to higher value conversion rates. Take advantage of the ability to design up to 35 different App Store product pages, each linked to its own unique pathway and flow. Bring more efficiency to your performance campaigns with a much more personalized and compelling App Store experience.
  • Direct traffic to product pages by demographic
  • Direct traffic to product pages by platform source
  • Direct traffic to product pages based on interest and more!
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