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Marketing for Mobile: iPhone X vs Other Devices

benhr | 29.8.18

With over 40m units sold, Apple’s iPhone X has become the benchmark for smartphones. Its popularity has shown no signs of slowing down, which for brands and mobile marketers means that designing for the iPhone X is critical in order to achieve their marketing objectives.

What Makes the iPhone X Different

The iPhone X features a taller screen than previous iPhones, at 5.8 inches, as well as extra screen space at the top of the phone. This is important to keep in mind, specifically when designing screenshots. Compared to older iPhone models, with the iPhone X portrait screenshots appear much smaller, thinner, taller, and narrower.

Additionally, Apple mandates that you have to present your app within an iPhone X device, if you choose to show an actual device in the screenshot.

Marketing for Mobile: iPhone X vs Other Devices

Taking Advantage

While with the iPhone X you face new challenges – you have less space to convey your message and tell your story – this also presents many opportunities.

For example, once a user has clicked on an app from the search results page, and gets to the app page itself, the screenshots they see will be cut off at the bottom, forcing users to scroll down. So make sure you don’t put your logo or call to action on the bottom right-hand corner, as users will rarely scroll down.

Also, make sure you take advantage of promo videos! Because they start playing automatically (muted), they do an incredible job of grabbing the user’s attention. They get users to convert, especially when the video is landscape.

With less real estate to work with, make sure your text is large enough to get noticed. Oversized text and callouts is a key takeaway when it comes to the iPhone X.

Achieve Mobile Marketing Success

These are just a few of the ways that the iPhone X is changing the game when it comes to mobile marketing and ASO. To get the most out of your mobile marketing, get in touch with us to find out more!


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