Moburst Honored with Mobile Marketing Award for the Second Year in a Row

Gilad Bechar
Gilad Bechar 15 November 2019
Moburst Honored with Mobile Marketing Award for the Second Year in a Row


New York, November 19, 2019 – Moburst, the leading mobile marketing success company, is pleased to announce the global agency has been named the winner of the “Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign” award at the 2019 Effective Mobile Marketing ceremony in London.  Moburst received the prestigious award for its work on the app SAY, a cutting-edge social networking app aimed at disrupting the video chat landscape through the promotion of family-friendly content.

Leveraging its extensive experience in campaign creation, testing, and optimization, Moburst was able to achieve nearly 60,000 new active users of SAY  in its first three months, eclipsing the company’s pre-campaign goal by 98%.  

We are beyond thrilled to be recognized with such a prestigious honor, although seeing our client recognize success, nearly twice what they had hoped for, is actually the most rewarding result to come from this project” said Moburst CEO, Gilad Bechar.

Beyond increasing downloads, an additional campaign objective included the reduction of SAY’s acquisition costs.  The first step in the process involved Moburst determining SAY’s appropriate target audience between teenagers or parents.  To accomplish this, Moburt’s design team constructed two sets of distinct creative aimed at reaching the two divergent demographics. Through the deployment of its signature testing methods, Moburst was able to identify that parents were, in fact, the precise intended audience.  

Moburst next marketed SAY to this cohort using a combination of highly targeted Apple Search Ads, Facebook Ads, and strategic media buys designed to trigger deeper events within the conversion funnel.  Continuous optimization throughout the process proved the methodology highly efficient as evidenced by a 60% decrease in SAY’s cost per install.

Furthermore, through Moburst’s commitment to intense scrutiny and testing, along with the production of resonating creative, the efficacy of the campaign’s virality was also on display, manifesting itself in a greater than 75% drop reduction in SAY’s cost per invitation, ensuring a viral effect for every download achieved.

Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign 2019 Winner

Moburst’s latest win marks the second time in as many years that the award-winning global mobile marketing agency has been recognized by the MMA, after taking home the Bronze Award in the “Marketing Objective – Brand Awareness” category in 2018 for its work with Samsung.  Moburst’s proven track record of success includes working with industry-leading brands such as Google, Discovery, and Samsung, and have helped its collective roster of clients achieve over 140 million downloads since its founding in 2013.


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Gilad Bechar
Gilad Bechar
Gilad Bechar is the Founder & CEO of Moburst. Gilad serves as a mentor to rising startups at Microsoft Accelerator, The Technion, Tel-Aviv University, Unit 8200 and for strategic Moburst clients, and is the Academic Director of the Mobile Marketing and New-Media course at Tel-Aviv University.
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