Best ASO Tools 🔧 - Data Comparison 📊 - Can you trust the data? 💁‍♀️

Best ASO Tools 🔧 – Data Comparison 📊

Lior Eldan Lior Eldan | 9.2.16

This list has been updated on April 2020

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best ASO tools out there, and which app store optimization tool you can actually trust.

Getting your company’s app noticed in the market place is the most important step in generating revenue. In order to generate revenue, an app needs to be used by a high number of users, brought in through ads or app store optimization ( ASO )

Aso Tools

While running digital ads for app installs is somewhat of a well-known tactic, people are far less familiar with app store optimization.

App store optimization (or ASO for short) revolves around optimizing the app in order to increase its app store rank, and bring in a steady flow of organic users. Around 60% of all users discover new apps while scrolling through the app store. Since this is the case, you need to step up your ASO game.

What are ASO tools used for?

  • Aso tools can increase the number of users
  • You can track how your apps rank
  • Using app store optimization tools, you can research your competition
  • They help create a marketing optimization strategy for future months

It has already been established that ASO is the single most important step to take when it comes to generating high-quality organic traffic for your app. This holds true whether it is done in-house or by using the services of a mobile app marketing agency. As a result, it is not at all surprising to see countless ASO tools flooding the web. ASO tools can help a developer or marketing director perform keyword research or compare their app to the competition.

Performing solid keyword research is a crucial part of ASO (some might say it’s the only part, and they’d be absolutely wrong, but that’s for another post). Yet many developers still believe they can do it all on their own. Just give them the right tools and reliable Wi-Fi.

While we cannot disagree with a serious techie’s ability to tackle pretty much every task, there’s still the issue of finding the right tools.

Please note that as ASO experts, we use more than one platform when conducting this process. It is the combination of these tools and our extensive knowledge that makes all the difference.

Can you actually trust App store optimization tools?

Most ASO tools offer app developers and marketing directors a means to perform keyword research on their own , by using free or paid online ASO tools.

Yet, what does the end-user get from these tools? Can you rely on their results?

Moburst decided to do research and compare some of the most popular ASO tools on the market, including Sensor Tower, App Annie, and MobileDevHQ.

Our ASO tool research compared:

  • Traffic rate (how popular is the term?)
  • Difficulty (how hard will it be for your app to rank high in the market place?)
  • Number of apps (the number of competitors you may face)

ASO tools mobile games

While doing the research and analyzing the data, we found out that each parameter being measured differs drastically. The research raises the question: can app developers truly count on easy online solutions in order to conduct thorough keyword research?

News App Store Optimization


When testing various search terms for their “competition” score, which tells developers how many apps out there are competing for the same search term, we were amazed to see the difference between the platforms, which in some cases exceeded 800 percent. The results were also dramatically different compared to the number of apps that appeared in Apple’s results for many of the search terms we’ve tested.

ASO photography apps

The following table presents the top keywords that were chosen, based on the data produced by each of the tools we have tested:

ASO Tools Comparison

The data clearly shows that out of fifty terms tested, only 3 of them (6%)would have been recommended by all of the platforms as leading terms. There is a gap between the ASO tools that may lead developers into picking the wrong keywords. The average app generates ASO related results in about eight months. Because of this, it can take months before realizing you have picked the wrong keywords.

In order to conduct valid research, we recommend combining different tools!

The inconsistency we’ve seen suggests that app developers or marketers may be in trouble. Without enough experience in the ASO industry, they could very well make the wrong decisions , costing their company thousands of dollars.

What ASO tools should you look into?

As we’ve mentioned in our previous research, data can vary from one app store optimization tool to the other. Some ASO tools may be new and lack data, others may be poorly created.

In order to improve your chances, it’s best to work with the best ASO tools on the market and combine data from multiple sources.

We’ll add a list below with some of the best aso tools on the market.

1. Apptweak

Apptweak is an ASO platform that provides mobile marketers with a comprehensive optimization report and a great UI experience. This tool is serious about localization and the report covers 60 different countries (for iOS), giving marketers an overview of their relevancy through stats, visuals, and more. To make the most of this report, you will still need a solid understanding of the ASO procedure; nevertheless, it is a good starting point for your research.

Apptweak Features:

Apptweak is an ASO tool that allows you to do keyword research and monitor your app. You can use Apptweak to create a powerful optimization strategy and spy on your competition, and even receive revenue estimates for most apps uploaded on the app store.

You can also use this tool for search Ads research.

Apptweak Pricing:

Apptweak has 1 trial plan, 3 standard plans, and 1 custom plan that can be negotiated. Almost all features are included in the basic package, yet if you plan to receive estimates or data from smaller countries, you’ll need to go higher up the ladder.

The prices for Apptweak are:

  • 7 day Trial – Free
  • Starter plan – $69/month,
  • Guru plan – $299/month,
  • Power plan – $599/month

Paying 1 year in advance will give you a 15% discount.

2. Sensor Tower

When performing your keyword research, Sensor Tower allows you to track valuable measurements such as traffic, difficulty, and competition. You can also compare your app to competitors and learn more about keywords that you might be missing. It’s important to note that certain information is based on an internal scaling system, which might make it harder for you to translate to objective App Store values. Another major problem is that most features are available for paying customers only.

Sensor Tower Features:

Sensor Tower is one of the best aso tools on the market. A tool that we also use at Moburst. Powerful and accurate, Sensor Tower can be used for keyword research and optimization, keyword translation, download, and revenue estimates and tracking.

Sensor Tower Pricing:

Sensor Tower has 2 Small business packages and 3 enterprise solutions:

  • Pro – $79/month
  • Business – $399/month
  • App Intelligence – negotiable
  • Store Intelligence – negotiable
  • Ad Intelligence – negotiable

3. Mobile Action

Mobile Action is one of our favorite ASO tools, thanks to a few unique features. It is currently the only platform that provides information regarding the app’s chance to rank high for a specific word, as well as a general overview graph for iOS apps. You’ll also find download estimation data, alerts, and keyword suggestions to help you get started. Finally, Mobile Action manages to support this data bundle with an attractive UI, something that we always appreciate.

Mobile Action Features:

Mobile Action can be used for keyword tracking and suggestions, competitor and keyword suggestions, ASO reports, and localization. It also has a nice 7-day premium trial.

Mobile Action Pricing:

This Aso tool has 1 free trial and 3 packages:

  • Trial – Free for 7 days,
  • Starter plan – $69/month,
  • Winner plan – $599/month,
  • Premium plan – $499/month.

4. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Even though this is not a mobile-specific tool, the insight it provides is still very relevant and important, and here’s why: one of the biggest challenges for app marketers looking to optimize their app is coming up with relevant keywords to track. Google’s keyword tool gives marketers a wonderful playground for keyword suggestions and makes the whole process much simpler. It is wise to remember that the traffic score for tracked terms is web-based and that you should check it using another ASO tool, but if you’re looking to find out what people are searching for – no one does it quite like Google.

Keyword Planner Features:

Google keyword planner can be used to download keyword data from any specific location in the world. By doing this, you can discover the interests of users on a specific topic. Data can be filtered by language and location (global > country > state > city).

It’s split into 2 sections, keyword discovery and historical metrics.

Keyword discovery is used by integrating 10 keywords into a search bar. The tool will then gives you the search values for those specific keywords and thousands of other related keywords.
Historical metrics are used by pasting up to 2,500 keywords into the search bar. Google will then give you the historical data for those specific keywords, without adding any extra suggestions.

Keyword Planner Prices:

Google keyword planner is a “free-ish” tool. There is no monthly fee for using it, yet data is filtered for non-paying users.

Free users can still use all the capabilities of the Keyword Planner, but the data will be presented using intervals. (For example meditation app: 10k-100k searches). This is not the best for understanding intent or market size. As 11,000 searches are minuscule compared to 99,000 searches.

In order to surpass this limitation, users need to have a running AdWords campaign. The payment can be as low as $10 a month, as long as the campaign is active.

5. App Annie

Probably the biggest ASO platform available, App Annie’s strength is in its massive database, which provides insights on a wide variety of apps. Here you will find a great overview of your chosen market and you will have the ability to check out the competition from the inside out. Certain features are still lacking, such as traffic and difficulty scores (come on now, Annie!), but it’s still a wonderful source of information and a must-visit stop for mobile entrepreneurs.

App Annie Features:

App Annie provides a high count of ASO tool features. From App Store Optimization and Tracking to App Usage, Downloads, and Revenue estimates.

They have some free features as well:

  • App store tracking: Top charts, Rank History, App details
  • Keyword Ranking
  • All of your app data in one dashboard. – App Annie Connect:

App Annie Pricing:

This ASO tool has no standard plans or packages. They craft an offer around each of their clients. For this reason, it’s not suitable for small developers.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your app is a data-driven process where you combine information as well as experience. At Moburst, we use multiple tools in order to create the best ASO campaigns and generate results for our clients. We strongly recommend that you do the same and combine data from multiple sources while working on your app.



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