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Android Earthquake Alerts System, Latest TikTok News and More

Jess Ailion | 24.8.20

Earthquake Detection and Early Alerts for Android Users

Google has recognised a potentially life saving opportunity to allow Android devices to aid in earthquake detection, it announced on 11th August. 

Initially, they began the experiment in California using ShakeAlert technology to send earthquake alerts to Android devices within the U.S. state. 

ShakeAlert uses signals from hundreds of seismometers installed around California. However, this on-the-ground infrastructure is not financially possible for everywhere in the world. Which is where Android devices come in. 

Google has developed the Android Earthquake Alerts System, where your Android smartphone can act as a mini seismometer. In tandem with millions of other Android devices, it can become part of the world’s largest earthquake detection network. 

Without getting too technical, if your phone (*mini seismometer) detects something, it will send a signal to Google’s earthquake detection server with a location. The server is then able to connect the information from many phones to discover whether an earthquake may be on its way.

Weeks Before its U.S. Ban, TikTok Launches U.S. Ad Campaign to Showcase its Cultural Impact

The “It Starts on TikTok” campaign intends to run until October 12th, showcasing the depths of the social media app’s impact on culture. It takes the theme of one of TikTok’s most popular challenges, the ‘wipe it down challenge’, where people wipe a mirror to transition into a different outfit. 

Video from TikTok

The idea behind this is to rally public support ahead of the ban, and what better way to do this than highlighting the fun users’ have with the app with a focus on diversity?

More on TikTok…Who Will Win the Bid to Buy Parts of TikTok?

Speculations are still circulating widely over which corporate giant will be the one to secure parts of TikTok ahead of its November U.S. ban. Microsoft has been in the running for a while, and now it’s being reported that the business software company Oracle is competing too.

QR Codes in TV Ads – Is this the Way Forward?

Camden Town Brewery has made waves this week with their latest “drinkable” TV ad. Customers who use their smartphones to scan the QR code shown in the TV ads are in with the chance of winning multi-packs of beer. The ads ran during the UEFA Champions League Final over the weekend (21-23 August). 

Video from Camden Town Brewery

The commercial is a creative blend of mobile and traditional marketing, seamlessly combining the two for a fun user experience. It taps into the current COVID climate, where sports fans are stuck at home rather than stadiums by bringing the beer to them. It also follows a recent trend of increasing QR code popularity among brands such as Pepsi and Burger King. 

The QR code minimizes the friction in the user journey, by allowing just one simple action to lead the way. The response rates will give Camden Town Brewery access to better data to help them optimize their future mobile marketing campaigns, too. 

#FreeFortnite Cup in Honor of Fortnite’s Removal from Apple

As of 27th August, iOS users will no longer be able to update their Fortnite app as it will be removed from the App Store due to a breach of Apple’s policies. Users from other non-Apple devices will be able to continue with the game as new chapters are added. 

Yesterday, on 23rd August, a #FreeFortnite Cup tournament was held in acknowledgement of the final days iOS users will have to play the latest versions of the app.


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