Moburst named “Best Mobile Marketing Agency” at the MBC awards

Moburst named “Best Mobile Marketing Agency” at the MBC awards

Team Moburst | 1.6.16

IMG_20160601_102325-2Our representative at the Mobile Beach Conference in Odessa, Ukraine, came back from the event with the MBC award for Best Mobile Marketing Agency, awarded to Moburst at the conference.

Moburst competed for the title against over a dozen companies and agencies, and we were delighted to be awarded this recognition of professional achievements in the mobile marketing industry.

Ithai Eldan, VP Media at Moburst, received the award on behalf of the company in a festive ceremony, attended by all conference guests and attendees. Eldan said: “In the past months, we’ve received numerous mentions as a top mobile marketing agency by several respected publications and experts in the industry. And we’re delighted! But there’s nothing like going up on a stage to receive an award in front of colleagues and professionals in the industry. It was very exciting.”



The Mobile Beach Conference guests also had the opportunity to hear Ithai speak about creative innovation in app store optimization (ASO) strategies in an exclusive case study.

Gilad Bechar, CEO of Moburst said: “We’re happy to be recognized as industry leaders at the award ceremony of the most prominent mobile marketing event in the region.”

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