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Why Moburst Was Named The Best Mobile Marketing Agency for 2019

Gilad Bechar | 18.4.19

With millions of apps out there all competing for attention, mobile app promotion and app store optimization have become extremely important. Building a great app and listing it on the app stores will not automatically result in success – even if you’re a big, well-known brand. Mobile app success comes with working with experts such as the right mobile marketing agency, who can ensure that you’re doing everything right to maximize your impact.

The right app store optimization (ASO) strategy and ASO agency can turbocharge your results and help you achieve your potential.

So why was Moburst named the best mobile marketing agency for 2019?

A Great App Promotion Agency Focuses On the Details

When it comes to ASO and choosing an ASO agency, it’s the details that matter. For example, two slightly different app icons can have vastly different effects on conversion. Every single touchpoint throughout the app store experience has to be measured, tested, and optimized so that it’s constantly improving. This is true not only for icons, but for screenshots, videos, title, and so on. Even more, all this testing and optimization has to be done at scale so that accurate results are generated. Not every mobile marketing agency is equipped to handle this kind of testing.

Moburst is a mobile marketing agency made up of experts in crafting creatives and performing A/B tests at huge scale. Tests really drill down into the details, such as portrait vs. landscape mode, with video vs. without video, testing icons, titles, short descriptions and everything that can make a significant difference to your results, both in terms of conversion rates and getting tagged for the right keywords.


Meaningful Mobile App Promotion at Scale and Speed

There are many vanity metrics out there when it comes to mobile app promotion. While these might make people feel good, they do not drive meaningful results.

Moburst is passionate about helping clients – both big and small – get meaningful results and not just more views or other less important metrics. A good ASO agency should be focused on the metrics that have a significant business impact.

Another challenge that both startups and enterprises face is getting materials approved within the organization and making meaningful changes as quickly as possible. Clients need to work with a team who knows how to move around the organization and get new processes approved fast. Moburst has proven that this can be done, and can be done effectively, with clients ranging from brand new startups to some of the biggest names in the mobile industry.

Your App Promotion Agency Should Be Recognized

Moburst has been recognized as a leader in the industry, winning awards for huge projects like Samsung Galaxy Apps by the Mobile Marketing Association, as well as with smaller clients like MailWise.

Moburst has been consistently chosen among the top app store optimization agencies in the past three years by Business of Apps, Clutch and many other 3rd party websites who cover the industry and its leaders.

Choosing The Best Mobile Marketing Agency

Choosing your ideal mobile marketing agency is about the details, team, technology, scale, speed, and awards. It’s also about choosing an ASO agency that deeply cares and measures its own success according to your results.

Some of the world’s biggest companies and most exciting brands trust Moburst as their app promotion agency of choice. After working with over 600 apps, you can be sure that Moburst doesn’t try to “learn” from projects like many agencies, but aims to achieve incredible results.

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