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Google Reporting Error

Madeline Gershom | 1.9.19

“Starting 25th July 2019, a majority of traffic from other acquisition channels has been incorrectly classified as ‘Play Store (organic)’. We are working to resolve this issue.”

This error has affected the data for July for some of our clients. There is a drastic surge in data for organic store listing visitors and first-time installers after July 25 that does not reflect actual events. Meanwhile third-party installers remain close to zero.

As we optimized meta assets for a client with a new app, the difference is obvious and proves problematic. An increase in targeted campaigns after mid-July is visible, which in turn contributes to a false higher conversion rate.

The reports, however, attribute the spike to organic browsing whereas it should be attributed to other channels. Please find screenshots of the new app’s report below comparing the data before and after July 25th. 

The error remains unfixed yet Google Play is working on resolving this issue. Meanwhile, we can compensate for this error by comparing daily averages for organic traffic before July 25 and after August 8th. It is also possible to project scores using data from August and September.

July 24 vs.26:

Another case study: July 24 vs 26


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