Digital Transformation for Your Company

Jess Ailion 20 September 2022
Digital Transformation for Your Company

Digital transformation has the power to give you a tremendous boost, and open a clear advantage over your competitors. 

As much as people look outside their company for opportunities – new products, new markets, and new strategies – some of the biggest opportunities can actually be found within the business itself. 

One of the biggest of these internal opportunities is digital transformation. It has the power to turbocharge everything that you do, taking your entire organization to the next level. 

We’ll cover how to gain the edge with digital transformation below.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology within an organization. 

The simplest examples of digital transformation are replacing internal documents that need to be physically signed, by a digital signing process; or moving from thick manuals of internal processes, to an internal company knowledge base that is easily searchable. 

Other examples of digital transformation include PDF generation of customized business documents, monitoring, and big data analysis.

But digital transformation can be much larger than this in scope; it could be an internal company app that has absolutely everything a team member needs or even a completely transformational way to do business.

A great example of this is Capital One. The bank took a decision to focus on innovation, externally, but crucially internally too. Its technology team complement is over 10,000 people, and it owns over 500 AI patents. This digital transformation has had a huge impact on the way the bank is run, the services it offers, how it offers these services, and ensures it is well placed to be a market leader in the future. 

Global spending on digital transformation is expected to hit $2.4 trillion by 2024, across numerous verticals but with the industrial, employee, and IT digital transformation really standing out. 

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Digital transformation has been shown to have a massive impact on ROI, efficiency, company culture, and other key areas within a business. Some specific benefits of digital transformation include: 

Improve Processes

Digital transformation has completely changed the way many businesses operate, and in doing so, has removed millions of unnecessary, wasted human hours from teams within companies. 

Now reps on the road can seamlessly sync with head office in real-time, finance teams don’t have to chase documents, and company leadership can get a clear picture of exactly where company performance is at.

Far from “replacing” human beings, digital transformation frees people from repetitive, boring, non-value-creating tasks to focus on their key strengths, enabling them to add value to the company. 

Standardize Procedures

Anyone that has worked with large amounts of data knows that standardization is everything. The larger the organization, the more important standardization becomes.

It’s tied to everything: from financial reporting measuring key metrics, and from AI and machine learning capabilities to procedures and processes that work consistently.

Digital transformation, when done correctly, can ensure standardization across the board, removing a massive headache for many companies. 

Customer-centric Thinking

Digital transformation can revolutionize the way your organization relates to, and thinks about, your customers.

For example: if up until now your customer had to dial a call center – complete with wait times, frustrations, identifications, and someone who may or may not be able to help – in the future, with a digital transformation strategy in place, this whole process can look completely different.

Imagine your customer is on your website and initiates a chat. You can know exactly what products they’ve purchased in the past, what content they’ve consumed, where their interests lie, and tons more. They can be effortlessly routed to a specific product expert who you know can deal with their issues effectively, leaving them delighted.

Engage Employees

The same thought process can be followed with one of your greatest assets – your employees. 

Internal business apps are incredible at engaging employees, something that many companies have traditionally struggled with.

Highly-engaged employees have been shown to perform better, stay longer, and contribute to a positive work environment and company culture. 

Digital transformation can also be leveraged for training, onboarding, celebrating milestones, communicating across the company, sharing documents, and much more. 

Drive Efficiencies

Digital transformation has been used to completely overhaul order management, inventory management, billing, deliveries, and more. 

Beauty Starts from Inside

There is an incredible opportunity here. By focusing on digital transformation, you can shape the culture, language, goals, and pride of your teams.

First off, an investment in digital transformation is an investment in your people. You’re making their lives easier and helping them contribute more effectively to the success of the company. Moreover, you’re signaling that you value their capabilities as you try to remove administrative burdens from their shoulders. 

Second, you have an opportunity to delight people within the company, upskill them, retain knowledge within the company, and if you ensure that the look and feel of internal applications is as great as it could be, you’ll be creating a more beautiful organization from the inside, out. 

Getting Started with Digital Transformation for Your Company

Clearly, digital transformation is something that your company can benefit from. It can create a decisive advantage for you and boost key metrics across the board. 

When done correctly, digital transformation is seamless, powerful, and doesn’t create any disruption – quite the opposite, as everybody within the company heaves a sigh of relief and asks themselves, “How did we ever get along without this?!”

Moburst’s digital transformation service revolutionizes your business from the inside out. Gain a crucial advantage over competitors, streamline your most complex processes, and launch your company into the digital age. 

For more information, get in touch with a digital transformation expert at Moburst today.

Jess Ailion
Jess is Moburst's Content Marketing Manager who came to us all the way from the UK. After studying English Literature, she found herself writing about all things mobile marketing. When she's not spending her time writing, you can find her cooking for her friends or exploring new places.
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