5 Must-Know Mobile Marketing Facts for Brands

Jonathan Muschel

Today, brands have to be competitive in the mobile space in order to succeed. Mobile marketing, however, is a unique and challenging field, one in which knowing the facts can be the difference between being winners, or also-rans.

Experience in this area has taught me some critical lessons in mobile marketing success, lessons I’d like to share with you to take your brand to new heights. What follows are 5 must-know marketing facts for brands.

  1. Product vs. Marketing

Often there is tension between the product and marketing teams, especially when it comes to who takes ownership over key functions. While some healthy tension and challenge is great, there certainly does not need to be a clash between these 2 critical teams. Sometimes it is caused through legacy, that is some areas that should naturally be within the domain of marketing are managed by the product team. For example, in many large organizations, Push Notification strategy is left to the product team, since it is seen as a product retention tool.

In most cases, the overall goals of the company would be better served if the marketing owned and drove this process. The marketing team understands the right segments of push and the right messages to send, as well as how and when to send push notifications.

This subtle example is just one of many, and it’s critical for companies to ensure that the correct team is driving the right processes and projects for the great strategic goals of the organization.

  1. Data Unlocks Doors

If you’ve done any online media campaigns, you very likely have tons of data to analyze. Sometimes you need to take a step back and think outside the box with your analysis.

There are often many different things you can learn by looking at different data sets. For example, we were recently running a campaign with a Fortune 500 client, and were able to identify that a significant amount of revenue came from specific mobile devices. We were then able to target those specific devices, and significantly lower the overall cost of acquisition.

  1. Get Granular With Your Messaging

When you’re browsing your news feed, or viewing Instagram stories, localized creative messaging stands out more, and we tend sit up and take notice.

Localizing your creative messaging can lead to a much higher conversion rate. We were working with an On-Demand app client of ours, and decided to start gradually localizing by city. When the creative and message was specific to that city, the conversions skyrocketed.

So if Chicago falls under your geo, throw up some images of Wrigley Field. If you operate in Seattle, let’s see some nice shots of the Space Needle. Yes, it will be a little more work for the creative teams, it will pay dividends when it comes to results.

  1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

So much of mobile marketing is data driven. The information is available to you, but the real magic comes in when you analyze it. This can result in tremendous learnings, especially as data is generated from different campaign types and platforms.

So my advice is to get out of your comfort zone, and test new ideas. Test platforms that you may never have used in the past (Ad Networks, Pinterest, Instagram Stories) and see what converts users. Test new creatives. Try out new banners, and see if it increases your CTR’s.

All of these tests, even if done on a smaller scale at first, will result in invaluable data and are sure to help when it comes to your next successful campaign.

  1. Know your audience

First and foremost, brands need to know who they are marketing to. This is the first step towards a successful campaign. They need to know everything about their audience – as this will impact the creative and messaging – as well as where the messages are being accessed by their target audience. If their target audience is Baby Boomers, the use of emojis in videos on Snapchat may not be the most impactful campaign.

Mobile FTW (For The Win)

The benefits of a strong mobile campaign are tremendous – you can target a very specific audience, scaling is easy, and with the right analysis and constant tweaking, cost per user acquisition are significantly lower than other platforms.

The thing with mobile marketing is that it has to be done right. At Moburst, we have tremendous experience in running successful campaigns, and know what it takes build a winning marketing campaign. I hope you found value in this, and if you have questions or want to know more, come talk to us!


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