How to Use the App Description to Your Advantage

Chaim Meyer

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Agree or not, it doesn’t give us the right to neglect the text and its importance in the marketing process. While this is true, in fact, for all the aspects of marketing, its importance is magnified even more in when it comes to apps marketing. As all the marketing efforts are concentrated on the mobile device, which makes every word matter even more.

So, how to build the perfect copy for your app?

First Things First

The first rule is true not only for mobile marketing, but basically to every text used in the marketing world: Write simple. In today’s global market, English is used as the international language, however not everyone speaks it on a native level. When you write any text, besides making it correct and well-written, it must be easy to understand for every user, from everywhere around the world. Compose short and to-the-point sentences, and center your content on a simple and cohesive message. 

For example, check out Facebook’s Play Store description:

Word is Key

Every app competes in its unique field, and fights with similar apps over the same users on the app store. When making your ASO and PSO strategy, you should conduct a thorough keywords research, and find the words that are best suited for your app. Once you have them, the challenge is to use them correctly in the different components of the text – titles, short & long descriptions etc. Beware! It might not be as easy as it sounds… Eventually your text needs to be well written, clear and natural to the reader.

Working with Visuals

Copywriters and designers must work well together to achieve top results. The right image can complement and add to the text, and a good text can help magnify an image. These two elements go hand-in-hand; sometimes the text comes first, and sometimes it can also come only as an addition to the picture. One needs to work best with the design team in order to optimize the message and its delivery to the users.

Attention – DO NOT DO!

Until now we laid out the general rules of the correct way to create a positive content to your app. What not to do?

  • Don’t over push the keywords. Your research will generate dozens of keywords, and let me stop you right now – you can’t have them all in the text 5 times. Well, maybe you can, but it’s not easy to insert them into the text in a way that will make it look natural and provide a smooth read.
  • Speaking of keywords, each is different. The keywords “activity” and “activities” are completely different phrases that target other searches. Therefore, if both appear on your list – don’t think you are done with just one – both can and perhaps should be added to your text.
  • Don’t overreach. We often want to be cool, funky and young – however it doesn’t necessarily reflect your brand language. If your app is aimed to a young audience – write accordingly. If your app is for financial services for example – the tone needs to be more serious and present reliability and safety. It’s all about the brand.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. App store content is an entire world, which can decide the fate of an app for better or worse. Make sure to write it to fit the app stores’ requirements to get your app on top!

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