Everything You Need To Know About A Mobile Marketing Agency

Mobile Marketing Agency – All You Need To Know

Gilad Bechar | 8.7.20

Originally published in August 2016. Updated July 2020

As our world has become increasingly mobile-oriented, the role of the mobile advertising agencies has expanded.

Doing it yourself in the world of mobile is a non-starter. The landscape is too dynamic, and deep expertise is required in a number of very different fields.

Most companies will partner with a marketing agency to develop and achieve their KPIs and business goals. In this post, we’ll look at everything you need to know about a mobile marketing agency, choosing the right one for your needs and making the most out of the relationship.

For a background overview on mobile marketing, read here.

Why should you hire a mobile marketing agency?

consulting mobile marketing structure

It’s already been established that any company should not only have a mobile presence, but should also be driven by a mobile-first approach. After comprehending this notion, it’s now time to execute. This poses an important question: should I build an in-house team or outsource?

A mobile-first strategy calls for a number of operations: mobile user acquisition, product, creative, and ASO (App Store Optimization). The following article will discuss the benefits of working with a mobile marketing company that provides these services, rather than hiring employees to do the work in-house.

1. Powerful Media Purchasing

mobile marketing funnel diagram

Media buying can be a tedious process that takes up time, money and focus. Turning to an agency to do the media buying for you is beneficial for two major reasons – purchasing power and experience.

Agencies have media buying teams that are focused solely on that task. Media buying for dozens of clients every single day gives agencies a strong purchasing power in front of the big ad networks, more than any company out there doing media buying for a single product will ever have. This simply means cheaper costs for you – i.e., more bang for your buck.

A media buying team has already gained experience with numerous ad networks, saving a lot of time for campaigns to follow. With each campaign the team learns which networks work best for different kinds of ads, providing priceless insight that would be hard for an in-house team to match. These media teams are focused solely on budget allocation and daily optimization to ensure wise expenditure along with successful campaigns.

2. Fresh Insight and Thinking Outside the Box

Often, an in-house team has been working on the same product for so long that they encounter that blank feeling we’ve all been familiar with at some point, overlooking vital flaws and problems. This is where an agency comes in. “Handing over” your product to an external team can provide fresh and objective input as they dedicate their expertise to your brand. At the same time, you’re avoiding internal politics and bureaucratic glass doors. This can be the key for refining your product and features.

Product teams at agencies consist of a few employees, all with different backgrounds, and together they can provide well-rounded suggestions. For example, if a bank is working on a banking app, it may hire a product professional with a background in finance or business. But what that bank may not know is that its app marketing efforts could benefit from a few gamification elements to make it more engaging. An agency can help you conquer not only your predetermined goals, but also ones you’ve never even thought of.

What’s more, a creative team in an agency knows the nuances of the industry and will work to give you an edge over your competitors. Their experience is specific to mobile marketing and seeped with insight on the trends of the day. With their exposure to different markets, their input will be based on previous and proven successes. They also work with the other teams in the agency to know which creatives work best based on data.

3. A to the S to the O

App store optimization is crucial to the success of any app, with 60% of app store visitors coming from app store searches. Knowing how the algorithms of App Store Connect and Google Play Console work, and implementing the strategies to increase organic downloads, is paramount for app visibility.

Some tools we work with:

tools - splitmetrics, apptweak, storemaven, mobileaction

With these tools, an ASO team can conduct in-depth keyword research that is unique to your product. They know the ins-and-outs of the trade. We at Moburst, for example, know the importance of tracking many keywords in order to get a more accurate snapshot of the search landscape for your app. Starting with a wide keyword research gives you the insight to know where to focus on.

Having the time and expertise to dive into the nitty gritty of organic searches is also valuable. With in-depth analysis it’s possible to differentiate between Browse and Search to understand where your downloads are coming from, and to optimize accordingly.

mobile app store optimization analysis breakdown
ASO Analysis Breakdown (in work time)

It’s important to conduct A/B tests to monitor the effectiveness of new features or updates. With perpetual industry trends, A/B tests can give your app an edge over competitors. With an agency, test campaigns will be set up with designs to mimic store traffic. You’ll be avoiding time wasted learning and making mistakes with A/B test platforms, and receive ready made reports made from raw data to aid you in your decision making process.

app store screenshots for A/B testing

Creating A/B test strategies to see which features and designs increase your CVR is invaluable. Since strategies for apps are vastly different than web A/B testing, partnering with mobile app marketing agencies is even more crucial. We’ve conducted numerous tests that have significantly increased CVR. See the results of an A/B test we conducted for TLC GO. Working with an agency would expose you to the tips and tricks that have stood the test of time.

mobile A/B test results

Read more about the benefits of ASO: https://www.moburst.com/aso-agency/

Read more about A/B Testing: https://www.moburst.com/ab-testing-must-know-tips/

4. Overall Synergy

Having highly experienced and capable teams working together is the ultimate benefit of working with a mobile marketing company. As opposed to making decisions in a vacuum, you have experts communicating with each other, understanding the intricacies of the industry, and making informed decisions based off of the big picture. Unlike simply hiring multiple people who are experts in the field, an agency creates a dynamic environment that encourages flow and communication between teams.

For example, the creative team can work with media managers to know which creatives bring the highest conversion rates. They are also able to work with the ASO team to know which organic searches are bringing in the most users. The creative work that a mobile advertising agency can provide will include cutting-edge designs that are based off of industry trends, data and years of experience.

Adding to this, the mobile world is constantly evolving and it’s therefore essential that your marketing effort is a fluid process to keep your app relevant and fresh. An agency is always up-to-date with algorithm changes and industry trends to ensure that every opportunity is taken.

Criteria for Choosing The Right App Marketing Company

There are a number of mobile marketing services out there, many of which promise the world. The reality is that there are only a few truly successful agencies who have delivered consistently for both massive global brands as well as smaller startups – and everything in between.

With all this noise, how do you go about finding the right mobile marketing company for your business?

1. Success metrics

Look for a prominent display of success stories. However, shy away from agencies with watery accolades and vague wins. Solid numbers reveal the most about an agency’s capabilities.

app marketing company accolades example

Also, check out websites that rate and rank different companies to see if it substantiates an agency’s claims. Get external sources to corroborate the agency’s success numbers. A good website to check is clutch.co.

As an example, we worked on increasing metrics for Samsung’s Galaxy Store by micro segmenting and running personalized ads to each segment. In doing so, downloads grew by 79%, revenue grew by 36% and their Facebook page followers grew by 1400%!

2. Awards

An agency’s award list is a good reflection of the company’s success. The mobile industry, a relatively new one, is very competitive. Hence industry-recognized awards, such as Moburst being selected as “Top 3 Mobile Agencies Worldwide’ by Clutch and winning Bronze in the “Marketing Objective — Brand Awareness” category by the Mobile Marketing Association, shows it is among the top globally.

Since our start in 2013, we’ve been helping brands successfully launch and market their mobile apps. Over the years we’ve won many awards and out of 1,207 companies, we made it to Clutch’s list of top mobile marketing agencies.. In November of 2019 we were given the “Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign” award at the Effective Mobile Marketing ceremony in London for our work on the app SAY.

Our company prides itself on giving our partners the tools they need to compete in a mobile-centric world. Our success has been noticed and admired by ratings and reviews firm, Clutch. Our ability to deliver to our clients has ranked us as one of the leading mobile marketing agencies for years running!

We’re at a point where going mobile is not a choice, but a must, in order to stay relevant. Making the decision to boost your online presence and create an app for your business is the right move, but if you don’t take the right approach then your effort will all be worthless. Looking for the right mobile marketing partner? We’d love to hear from you.

Praise from some of our clients:

“In the last three months, Moburst helped increase our visibility in app stores by about 27%.” – Global Growth Director, Uber

“They operate with a level of urgency and consistently push us to try new things and test aggressively” – VP Marketing, Reddit

“My team and I are happy with their quality of work. They deliver!” – Content & Strategy Manager, Samsung

3. Clients

Look for big names. These companies have done their research, and if they’ve used a particular mobile marketing agency, it’s often (but not always) a solid sign that the particular company can deliver.

Top mobile marketing companies are often easy to spot, as they combine all of these elements. As a top agency, we at Moburst are honored to have worked with some of the largest brands in the world – from Youtube and Gmail, to Uber and HGTV.

moburst clients

Some of Moburst’s clients

Top mobile marketing companies will have plenty of success metrics from real customers, testimonials, industry awards, and big-name clients.

For more questions, or to speak to award-winning mobile marketers here at Moburst, get in touch.

4. What is their USP?

In order to stand out above the crowd, top mobile marketing services should have something unique to offer, a differentiating factor. This could be something as simple and solid as a ton of experience and an excellent track record.

In other cases, it could be a unique technology or methodology, or deep knowledge in a niche area. The best mobile marketing agencies are clear on what they do better than anyone else out there.

For Moburst it’s exactly these two. Not only have we worked with top global brands such as Dunkin’, Samsung Galaxy Store and Uber, but we have our own SEO keyword software that puts us above the rest. Our smart algorithm gives us the edge when it comes to getting your app ranking. So when searching for a partner, look for the one with a strong USP.

5. What are the mobile marketing company’s values?

Another key ingredient of finding the right agency is discovering what their core values are. Do you get the feeling they’re just trying to make a quick buck? Or do you believe they are committed to your success and will do everything in their power to ensure you achieve your goals?

agency's values

Often you can even get a sense of this from a mobile marketing agency website.

Feel free to ask their other clients of how they were treated and how they felt about working with that company.

6. Can you guarantee a degree of reliability?

It’s easy to create an impressive website sprinkled with flowery statements. Don’t be deceived. Look for success stories that back their claims and check if they have received industry accolades. Consult your network to check the agency’s reputation. Is their name known and respected?

Check their mobile marketing strategies to ensure their promises aren’t empty. There are plenty of fakers out there, so be wary of mobile marketing agencies that just uses generic terms without showing any true value. Read through their blog posts to see the level of their understanding and their standing in the industry.

If you’re further down the process, ask for recommendations from the agency. Talk to their previous clients and see what their experience was like. Do they recommend the agency? How would they evaluate their experience?

What Types of Mobile Marketing Services Are Available?

The next thing to understand about a mobile marketing agency is what services they offer. The solutions offered can differ depending on any number of factors.

1. Niche mobile marketing services

First, there is a mobile marketing agency that offers niche mobile marketing solutions. These types of agencies usually have deep knowledge in one specific area.

For example, they might be Facebook experts. They will be able to tell you everything you need to know about Facebook campaigns and getting the highest conversion rates at the lowest cost.

When it comes to other areas of mobile marketing, however, such as SEO, this type of agency will not be able to guide you.

2. Full-service mobile marketing agency

A full-service mobile marketing agency, on the other hand, has a deep knowledge of the entire mobile landscape. This type of agency provides end-to-end solutions, offering mobile marketing services which include:

  • Strategy:

A great marketing strategy can be the difference between huge successes, and unfortunate failures. With the right mobile strategy company, you’ll be able to define your value proposition and target audience; get the right mobile strategy to engage consumers; and learn from the best mobile industry experts.

Read more: https://www.moburst.com/marketing-strategy-agency/

  • Creative:

One average, users take less than three seconds to decide whether or not to download an app. Having cutting-edge design can be the deciding factor that allows users to download. When it comes to standing out from 5.5 million other apps, simply good creatives won’t cut it. Great creative work combines a combination of strategic storytelling and creative flair, based off of tested data and experience.

Read more: https://www.moburst.com/creative-agency

  • ASO:

Your app store presence is critical to your success. An ASO agency ensures that your app store presence is on point. App store optimization is crucial to boost app discoverability, increase conversions, minimize media spend and increase organic downloads. Partnering with the best ASO agencies is an essential part of mobile success.

Read more: https://www.moburst.com/aso-agency/

  • Product:

Partnering with a marketing agency is a lot more than simply taking your product and marketing it. The best agency will add significant value in terms of refining the product, making notable changes to achieve maximum results.

Read more: https://www.moburst.com/5-tips-successful-paid-media-campaigns/


A top, full-service mobile marketing agency will ensure you’re up to date with the latest in trends, best practices, and tech innovation.

6 Questions CMOs Need to Ask Their Digital Marketing Agency

1. What is our goal?

While it seems like a pretty easy and obvious question, chances are you’re getting the wrong answers from your current advertisers. For many agencies out there, the success of a mobile business app means one thing: downloads.

Clueless mobile marketers will choose terms like CPI (Cost Per Install), that have very little to do with your marketing needs.

Your brand doesn’t need downloads – it needs customers. Walk the agency through your marketing funnel when setting your KPIs. Is your goal to complete registration and gain access to users’ data?

Or maybe it’s a single purchase made through the app? Possibilities are endless, but they all start with a clear vision.

2. Who is the target audience?

You’ve asked and answered this question countless times before, but mobile asks for a different type of answer.

Contrary to other campaigns where your target audience is predetermined and the creative assets serve a single purpose, mobile tailors a personalized experience for each user and calls for many different versions of the same campaign.

In other words, your target audience is broader and much more versatile than ever, and your agency must recognize it and provide you with a suitable solution.

3. What are the chosen advertising platforms?

mobile advertising platforms

We’ve said it once and we’ll will say it again: mobile products call for mobile advertising. Choosing billboards and TV ads over a clickable ad that will send users directly to your product makes very little sense.

Sadly, some agencies choose to collaborate with more traditional platforms and have no real reason to change course as long as their clients remain clueless.

This too calls for a change in terminology: replace “premium” and “CPM” with “performance” and you’ll see the difference right away. The more sophisticated and informed clients become, the harder it will be for advertisers to prioritize their own business politics over your brand’s business benefits.

4. Does our brand need an app?

This may seem strange coming from someone in the app business, but not every brand needs an app for every purpose. Creating a business app is not a task – it’s an ongoing process, and one that you have to invest in.

If your mobile marketing strategy is more than just lip service, don’t create an app without real value.

When your digital agency recommends building a mobile product, ask your account manager regarding the app’s purpose for users and how they plan on keeping it relevant post-launch. You just might learn that there’s a lot of maintenance work involved and the person in charge of it is, unfortunately, you.

5. Are we on the right track?

When presenting this question to your digital agency, make sure that the answer you receive is short and loaded with numbers. Forget elusive terms like “brand awareness” and demand transparency and clarity.

One of mobile’s strongest abilities is presenting real results in real time. So get the numbers, and make sure they’re the right ones. Track the churn, retention and engagement rates and always focus on the most important factor: ROI.

6. What happens if we fail to reach our goals?

Mobile marketing allows you to not only get the results right away, but also to make the necessary adjustments. If your agency promises to reach a specific goal (and no, “brand awareness” is not specific enough), you should expect to see an agile work process that moves fast and in accordance with the market’s response.

This calls for serious A/B testing on all verticals, including the campaign’s creative content and media strategy, as well as the product itself. Ask your agency what it plans to do in case each goal is not achieved, how it will draw the right conclusions and implement immediate changes.

How can a mobile agency help during COVID times?

In times of a global crisis, it is difficult to know how to move forward. As we wade into uncharted territory, marketers are redirecting strategies in hopes of maintaining stability. A marketing agency can help now more than ever in navigating these times of uncertainty successfully.

Due to COVID-19, people quarantined in their homes are increasingly turning to news, social media, games, video and texting on mobile devices, steepening an already rapidly growing consumer trend. Partnering with an app marketing company allows for greater insights and monitoring of the coinciding industry and app level trends.

An agency is able to provide access to expensive premium data collecting tools that offer these invaluable insights. With AppTweak, we have been able to monitor industry trends under the Lifestyle category. The CVR benchmark increased as the Corona crisis augmented, and fluctuated less than other categories. One of our clients, an app focused on psychic counselling, was categorized under Entertainment, a very competitive field. Backed-up by AppTweak’s data, we suggested shifting from Entertainment to Health & Fitness.

As soon as they switched categories, there was instant increase in category ranking.

category ranking graph

In times of uncertainty and erratic market behavior due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is crucial now more than ever to partner with a dynamic agency that excels in both tracking opportunities for success and in creativity focused on improving overall performance.

Services we offer

Read more on how Moburst can help your app grow:

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